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22. November 2018

Launching Russia’s first HOSOKAWA Alpine extrusion and orientation line – milestones at STEP-1

The company STEP-1 is launching a project to manufacture breathable film and twist film in Russia. For these purposes a 3-layer blown film line of HOSOKAWA Alpine (Augsburg, Germany) was installed at the company's production facility in Novosibirsk.

The plant at STEP-1 is equipped with an inline MDO (mono direction orientation) line with 11 shafts and has no equivalents in Russia today. The patented HOSOKAWA Alpine technology for inline orientation called “TRIO”, developed in Germany, ensures consistently high quality and high physical and mechanical properties of the produced, oriented film.

To ensure the highest efficiency of the plant in operation, the specialists of HOSOKAWA Alpine conducted training for the staff at the customer's facility. Due to high qualification of the HOSOKAWA Alpine setup staff and the staff from the production facilities of STEP-1, start-up of the production process and the training were fully completed within only 3 weeks.

To maintain high quality standards of the manufactured products, the production facility of STEP-1 has a laboratory for quality control and formulation development, equipped according to the latest advances in technology. The location of the production facility in Novosibirsk ensures the ease of transportation of the products across Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The flexibility of the HOSOKAWA Alpine blown film line allows the production of  high quality film on one line, and the high quality standards "Made in Germany" guarantee the highest efficiency and excellent reliability of the equipment in operation.

The products manufactured STEP-1 include among others: blown polyolefin films for the production of hygienic products and flexible packaging, twist film for the confectionery industry, vapor-permeable PE and PP film for membrane inner layers and PE lamination film.

You can find more information and video material under:  www.step1.pro