The Alpine Quality Commitment

The high quality of our products is one of the basic factors which contributes towards our business success. It constitutes an important criterion for the purchasing decision and creates a reliable bond between us and our customers.

Our commitment to perpetuating and strengthening the reputation and success of our company translates into our endeavours to fully meet the demands and expectations of our customers. With regard to the quality of our products, this commitment necessitates supreme efforts.

We consider quality assurance and its systematic improvement to be everybody's business, not just that of the company management but also that of the employees, too. It calls for conscious involvement and active interplay across and beyond functional borders.

Every single member of staff has the obligation and the right to ensure flawless quality in the manufacture of our products by getting involved

  • with the organisation
  • with technical documentation
  • with the machines and equipment
  • with the tools
  • with the test equipment and methods
  • with the packaging and means of transport

the basis for implementing our quality policy is a quality management system that is continuously updated and improved.

Hosokawa Alpine is certified to comply with ISO 9001:2015. Our machines and systems comply with the applicable ATEX directives. You can find our current IECEx certificates for explosion protection at

Throughout the over 120-year history of Hosokawa Alpine AG, the name Alpine has always stood for high quality and for reliable machines and systems as well as for corporate innovation in the development of new technologies and processes.

A high-quality product calls for competence in development, design, engineering and assembly. And this competence in turn stems from the training, know-how, experience and motivation of the company staff. The milieu of the company headquarters in Augsburg has always fulfilled these requirements in the best possible way. And it is here that we find the dedicated and excellently trained staff who render a great service to the company, the products and the success of our customers.

For this reason and in the tradition of our own self-imposed commitment to high quality, we will continue to lay store by Germany as a business location. The new emblem for our letterheaded company paper with the message ENGINEERED, MANUFACTURED AND ASSEMBLED in GERMANY underlines this commitment.