Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
connection concept
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS
connection concept
Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

Air Jet Sieve e200 LS

As the inventor and world market leader of air jet sieving, Hosokawa Alpine has been setting new standards for more than 60 years. ALPINE air jet sieves have always been characterised by simple operation and reliable results. And there’s no end in sight to this success story: we have not only increased the comfort but also at the same time the efficiency and speed. The latest features allow you to always remain in full control.

  • High reproducibility and comparability
  • Simple operation thanks to integrated software packages
  • Automated and innovative user guidance
  • 100 % Made in Germany

Optimal results through maximum effectiveness

Because extremely fine powders tend to agglomerate and therefore clog up the sieve, the air jet sieve is the device of choice for sieving fine powders. This is where the air jet sieve e200 LS develops maximum effectiveness. Not just one, but two components work together here: a slotted nozzle which rotates inside the sieving chamber and an industrial vacuum cleaner connected up to the sieving chamber.

Once the vacuum cleaner is switched on, it creates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber. The extremely narrow slot of the slotted nozzle ensures that the incoming air is accelerated and flows through the sieve cloth at high speed from below. The particles on the sieve cloth are dispersed briefly by the air jet at the cover – even before they are pulled downwards through the sieve cloth by the suction of the vacuum cleaner. The effect: the fine material is separated quickly and effectively. The coarse material remains on the sieve and is reweighed at the end of the sieving process.

A further advantage: the automatic underpressure regulation as well as specification of the sieving-relevant parameters guarantee reproducible results.

Upgradeable at any time

eControl software options

  • Connection of different vacuum cleaners
  • Fast analysis
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Graphic user interface
  • Underpressure (in Pa), sieving time, date and time are displayed
  • Underpressure manually adjustable

(comparable to A 200 LS)

  • Automatic underpressure regulation
  • Fast, simple analysis of results (in table form)
  • Balance communication via RS 232 interface
  • Central parameter management of all sieves
  • Choice of 12 different languages

(comparable to 200 LS-N)


BASIC Features, plus:

  • Automatic saving and printing
  • Sieve set management (SOP)
  • Analysis of results against set-point specification (table and graph form)
  • Automatic backup
  • Individual display accuracy
  • Different diagram types
  • Parameter management per test sieve

ULTIMATE Features, plus:

  • Requirements for the software validation divided into ISPE GAMP 5, FDA 21 Part 11, EC GMP Annex 11 compliant
  • User administration
  • Password management
  • Audit trail – user activity monitoring and event logging
  • e-signature
  • Network connection required


  • GLARE-FREE 7-INCH PANEL: Readable even under demanding lighting conditions and from just about any angle.
  • SMART TOUCH SCREEN: Touch screen with robust 3-mm-thick safety glass.
  • INTUITIVE USER GUIDANCE: Modern visualisation for fast, easy and precise operation.
  • SECURE RESULTS MANAGEMENT: Analysis and data reports with archiving and search functions as well as automatic backup.
  • INDIVIDUAL APPLICATIONS: Password-protected settings, customisable display accuracy, migration of legacy data in XML format.
  • IDEAL CONNECTIONS: Ethernet, RS-232 and 3 × USB, e. g. for a barcode scanner, keyboard and mouse.
Measurement range (with ø 200 / 203 mm) 20 µm to 4 mm
(with ø 76 mm) 10 µm to 2,5 mm
Navigation High-resolution capacitive 7" IPS multi-touch screen
Power supply cable (m) 3.0
Mains connection (V, ~, Hz) 90-264, 1, 50/60
Underpressure (Pa) 1500-5000
Air flow rate (m³ / h) 70-130
Speed (rpm) 18
Weight (kg) 20
Protection class (IP) 54
Dimensions L × W × H (mm) 535×370×386

Separation, fractionation and particle size analysis of powders in various industries:

  • Minerals
  • Chemicals production
  • Pharmaceuticals – through compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Toner production
  • Food and nutrition industry
  • Cement and construction material applications
Underpressure regulation manually
(leakage air flap)
User administration
with authorisation levels
× 2 levels 2 levels up to 5 levels
System data display / device settings
12 languages available
Change measurement unit
(weight, length, underpressure)
Change display accuracy
(weight, ratio)
(acoustic signal for keyboard feedback)
USB keyboard, mouse, barcode scanner ×
Ethernet port ××
Printer via USB or LAN ××
Screenshot function ××
Demo version
available for 30 days
Connection of different
vacuum cleaners (option)
Standard balance driver
(Sartorius / Mettler)
Balance driver list
upgradable by update
Balance values can be set
with preceding signs
Automatic sieve recognition
Mesh size unit selectable
(µm, mm, ASTM)
Individual parameterisation of sieving time
and underpressure per test sieve
Test sieve cleaning ×
Sieving manual manual manual, SOP manual, SOP
Result output selectable
(relative / absolute value)
× only in % in g or in % in g or in %
Automatic underpressure parameterisation × central
for all sieves
individual individual
Sieve set management (SOPs) ××
Import sieve set ××
Export sieve set ×× XML XML
Display analysis result × display display, printer, PC display, printer, PC
External document archive
adjustable via USB or LAN
Save the analysis results
to the ext. document archive
×× manual / automatic automatic
Tabular evaluation ×
Graph: comulative curve, RRSB, histogram ××
Calculation of three individual dx values ××
Graphic sieve analysis comparison
(≤ 5) on display
Results evaluation
against set-point specification
(tabular & graphical)
Laboratory Information and
Management Systems (LIMS)-capable
Analysis report output to printer ×× manual / automatic manual / automatic
XML / PDF data export ××
Summary / daily report can be generated ××
User list can be generated ×××
Backup × manual manual / automatic manual / automatic
Restore ×
Update / upgrade of
software, firmware, OS
Migration of XML and CSV legacy data
from predecessor model
Audit trail (21 CFR Part 11)
incl. electronic signature
Yearly calibration service

Upgrade your Alpine Air Jet Sieve

Optimized software and hardware

Please note that eControl PROFESSIONAL expires (latest version 1.3.13). Software usage is still possible,  but there is no option for an update to an 1.4.x version. We recommend an upgrade to ULTIMATE. Some ULTIMATE and SECURITY features require network connection.

Current software updates require the HMI 2.0 operating display (integrated as standard in the e200 LS air jet sieve of newer model years). For units with HMI 1.0 operating display (year of manufacture 2010-2015 ) we offer an upgrade kit to HMI 2.0. This makes it possible to replace the panel without any problems. Numerous accessories as well as adapters for operation with other vacuum cleaners are available.


Innovative, digital, automated

Operation made easy


The Airjet Sieve e200 LS menu navigation is simple and well-defined. 12 languages available. Comprehensible symbols on the intuitive touch screen guarantee high operating comfort. 


    System information, date / time, network, balances, sieving, numerical formats, units of measurement, etc.
    Manual sieving, sieving according to SOPs (Standard Operation Procedure)
    Individual assignment of underpressure and sieving time parameters, etc.
    For the creation and management of sieving processes
    Retrieval and evaluation of the stored sieving processes
    User generation and management with different authorisation levels

Air Jet Sieve new features

A major facelift – Innovative hardware and smart software

Check out the latest features of our air jet sieve – The market leader in terms of technology.

  • QUIETER OPERATION: 50 % quieter than its predecessor! The new intake duct with optimised air flow geometry and the new suction silencer make it possible!
  • NEW DIAGNOSTIC TOOL: All electronic components are now monitored automatically by status LEDs – throughout the entire service life.
  • KÄRCHER VACUUM CLEANER: The new and powerful vacuum cleaner from Kärcher® with filter cleaning is the professional solution for the production line and laboratory.

  • CONNECTION CONCEPT: A neat connection concept on the rear of the device – cables and connections are now integrated into the device and are therefore less susceptible to electronic interference.
  • MODULAR FUNCTIONALITY: The new suction opening enables a wide range of different possibilities – dehumidification / cooling as well as the remote intake and feeding of additives is now no trouble at all.
  • UPGRADE ANYTIME AS REQUIRED: All eControl software packages: LITE, BASIC, ULTIMATE, SECURITY run on the same hardware.

Setting with Kärcher vacuum cleaner


Air Jet Sieve in operation


Connection concept


Product video

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