Polyplex PPC

Polyplex PPC

The new shredder-granulator with the distinctive name „Polyplex“ made by Hosokawa Alpine is THE innovative solution for the size reduction of plastic materials of any type.

You will save space, time and resources! How? Alpine’s Polyplex shredder-granulator combines two modes of operation in one machine: a vertically arranged shredder rotor with a granulator rotor.

The machine concept has been adapted to meet your requirements and was launched on the market as the Polyplex machine – and that at an attractive price. In practice, the simultaneous feed of different plastic waste constitutes a considerable advantage: presorting or dosed material feed are now things of the past!

This is what counts


  • Significantly cheaper purchase price
  • Energy-efficient comminution thanks to only one drive being needed
  • Minimised space requirement and minimum staff requirement for feeding the machine

Material feed:

  • Self-dosing material feed
  • Feed unit individually adaptable to the respective problem specification
  • Feed material can be fed continually or in batches


  • Granulator fineness values in one step
  • Product finenesses of up to 5 mm
  • Feed material lengths of up to 6 m and machine purgings of > 100 kg


  • Optimum access to cutting chamber, rotor and granulator knives
  • Short cleaning times
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Considerably reduced downtime



Principle of operation

The material is charged to the shredder section by means of the mechanical feed unit. The pre-comminuted material falls as the result of gravity into the granulator section and is comminuted there to granulator fineness. Whereas the shredder rotor permits self-dosing, the granulator rotor guarantees product fineness values down to approx. 5 mm. The feed material is charged to the rotor by means of a pusher installed in the feeding trough. This allows feed material lengths of up to 6 metres. As a result of the combination of shredder and granulator, the comparatively small machine can process, for example, machine purgings of up to several hundred kilos – if necessary together with profiles, pipes and trims.

Blow mouldings

1  Dual stage rotor with shredding & grinding zone   2  Screen 
3  Drive 4  Feeding unit with pusher


Polyplex - Simplify your processes!

Maximise your profit by increasing production times while keeping maintenance costs low.

  • Our research and test facilities offer you a wide variety of machines and complete systems for a wide range of plant configurations.
  • Precision, quality and innovative technologies: Conduct your product trials with us.

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Blow mouldings/Injection mouldings

Blow mouldings/Injection mouldings:
The new Polyplex by Hosokawa Alpine is universal in use for in-house recycling. The decisive advantage: the combination of a shredder and a granulator on one single shaft. The feed material doses itself when being charged to the machine. Different plastic parts such as reject housings, sprues and machine purgings can be mixed and then charged together. The vertical design permits optimum accessibility to the grinding chamber. This guarantees not only fast cleaning of the mill when changing the product but also significantly reduces downtime.

Sheets and chunks:
The Polyplex shredder-granulator is ideal for the size reduction of chunks and sheets. Chunks are pre-crushed in the shredder section. Even chunks weighing several hundred kilos can be comminuted in one step to granulator fineness – and that at considerably lower drive power. When processing sheets and plates, the design of the inlet area guarantees that sheets of any thickness can be comminuted without problem.

The horizontal feed channel can be adjusted in length. Channel lengths of up to six metres are no problem for profiles and pipes. The bottom line: the Polyplex shredder-granulator constitutes THE cost-effective comminution solution for profiles and pipes of any length.

Successful validation with a customer

For plastics recycling, the recycling company MG Plast wanted an automated and cost-efficient solution that could be used flexibly. The key lay in the Polyplex PPC 50/120 shredder-granulator: a new development from Hosokawa Alpine, which after successful trials in the technical centre was now to be validated in real operation at a customer. The machine was integrated into the production process at MG Plast - to the customer's complete satisfaction.


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