Low energy solutions

Energy saver

Reduce consumption up to 25 %

Low energy solutions

Trailblazing: the production of large amounts of industrial mineral powders at low energy consumption

The energy required in the production of ultrafine industrial mineral powders is an important cost and environmental factor. The specific energy consumption is up to 25 % less than before. A result that translates into a significant reduction of the costs and proof that decades of experience plus a high degree of technical know-how pay off for all concerned.
The topic of energy has become extremely important in recent years, especially as the mineral filler industry is subject to great competitive and price pressure, especially for standard fillers in the d97 = 8-40 μm range. Furthermore, this business is only profitable if produced in large volumes.

Ensuring quality, saving energy

That´s how optimized GCC mass production works

Hosokawa Alpine contributes to the market requirements for corresponding low-energy solutions with two newly developed machines and process systems. These enable the energy efficiency of large-volume mass production of mineral standard fillers of the highest quality.

The Hosokawa Alpine roller mill AWM-F and the new classifier generation Alpine Calciplex ACP set a milestone here:

  • Highest throughput performance in the fineness range d97 = 8 - 40 μm
  • Total energy e.g. at d97 = 10 μm = 105 kWh / t
  • Feed size up to 25 mm


The AWM-F is the logical and consequent further development of the AWM table roller mill for a fineness range of d97 = 8 – 40 μm. The grinding zone, grinding technology and integrated air classifier were given a complete makeover, the energy efficiency was improved significantly, and the capacity was substantially increased. The AWM-F table roller mill thus sets new standards for the future when it comes to the production of ultrafine, non-abrasive mineral powders.

  • Robust design is a guarantee for maximum running smoothness and service life
  • Low pressure drops across the entire AWM-F grinding system
  • Energy savings of up to 25 % compared with ball milling/classifying systems
  • Constant particle size distribution with precise top cut
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Optional: possibility of drying the feed product to a residual moisture of 0.1 % H2O
The AWM-F 1500 for limestone (GCC)      
Mill rotor 315 kW d97 = 8 µm 5 t/h
Classifier motor 132 kW d97 = 10 µm 6 t/h
Fan motor 355 kW d97 = 15 µm 8,5 t/h
    d97 = 20 µm 11 t/h


With the wind sifter Alpine Calciplex ACP, your requirements for an air classifier, for the production of finest, non-abrasive mineral powders of the highest quality, are exceeded.

The result: maximum fineness values and fines yields as well as a significantly improved energy efficiency. An advantage which will set new standards on the market for the air classification of mineral powders in the future.

  • Robust classifier housing of solid cast iron ensures maximum smoothness of running and durability
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low classifying wheel speed
  • Optimization of the classifying wheel based on the in-house developed NG geometry
  • Energy savings of up to 25 % compared with long-established machine generations
  • Maximum throughput rates in the fineness range d97 = 6 – 40 μm
  • Ideal in a closed circuit with ball mills or as a high-performance final classification unit
  • Constant particle size distribution with precise top cut
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
Series ACP 800 1000 1250
Scale-up factor 1 1,6 2,5
Fineness, max d97 (µm) 6 7 8
Standard drive (kW) 45 75 110
6 µm (kg/h) 1.600 ×# #×
8 µm (kg/h) 2.700 4.400 6.800
10 µm (kg/h) 3.600 5.800 9.000
20 µm (kg/h) 6.300 1.100 15.800
45 µm (kg/h) 9.500 15.200 23.800
Feingutleistung bei d97
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