Even more focus on service: New Blueserv business unit

- Blueserv now covers the complete after-sales service of Hosokawa Alpine: powder and particle processing and blown film extrusion.

At Hosokawa Alpine, customers take centre stage from the first contact to the end of the life of their systems. With Blueserv, we already offer you a first-class after-sales service. To reflect the importance of our customer service in the company structure, Blueserv is now a separate, third business unit of Hosokawa Alpine alongside powder and particle processing and blown film extrusion.

What is also new is that BLUESERV now also includes the service for our customers in the blown film extrusion sector. This allows customers to benefit even more from our global service network, synergies and short decision-making processes at Hosokawa Alpine. However, two things remain unchanged: The familiar contacts will continue to be there for customers and will deliver the excellent service the customers are used to. Moreover, this change will have no impact on existing service contracts.