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Customer Case Studies & Proof-of-Concepts

Each project has its individual challenges. Decisive for the design of the plant are specific product characteristics, legal requirements and local conditions.
Suitable component selection and configurations ensure, among other things, high throughput, energy efficiency and convenient handling. As an innovative global leader in machine and system engineering, we develop individual machines and components for your application.

In order to guarantee an efficient production process, we combine individual processing steps, such as shredding and grinding, or grinding and classifying, intelligently.

Convince yourself! In our case studies you get an insight into target-oriented customer projects and developments of our engineers.

User Stories

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Are you also looking for a reliable and experienced partner? Your project has special requirements such as

  • Special product properties: e.g. high-priced, oily, abrasive, explosive
  • Guarantee of the desired degree of fineness and upper particle size distribution
  • Increase of throughput, flexible changeover for batch changes
  • Efficient use of energy
  • Challenging conditions on site: e.g. hall size, ambient temperature, transport routes
  • Stable storage of the end-product
  • Legal regulations, e.g. hygiene regulations, industrial safety, fire protection
  • Specific industry benchmarks: Pharmaceuticals, Food, Chemicals, Minerals & Metals and Recycling

Then please contact us. Whether you are at the very beginning of the planning process or already have concrete ideas.

Together we develop your individual system or component in a target-oriented manner. Our process consulting team will work with you to analyze the entire process and weigh all the options. We accompany you from the preliminary discussion and concept development to the final assembly and beyond. Our BLUESERV team will take care of all your needs after commissioning.

Hosokawa Alpine has several test centers where we can carry out trials with you. Through these facilities you can convince yourself of the product quality even before you purchase equipment. Due to our various remote solutions, you no longer need to be on site for tests at all time. You are digitally connected to the tests and receive your results and samples immediately afterwards.

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Planning the entire process

It’s not just building a machine – we support your projects from consulting to maintenance.