Innovative Full PE Solutions

Sustainable blown film packaging

Sustainability without loss of quality. Saving resources while improving products. Hosokawa Alpine works together with partners along the entire value chain to develop mono-material solutions that are both high-performance and recyclable.

Recycling of films made of one material class is considerably easier and more efficient than recycling of plastics packaging in which different materials are combined with each other, e.g. PE with PET, PP, PA or EVOH. Full PE packaging solutions, i.e. laminates purely made of polyethylene based film structures, can be recycled after their original use and be reused in the circular economy for new end products. This results in applications in which the recycled material can be used again for products similar to the original one.

More than 20 years’ experience

MDO (Machine Direction Orientation)

The proven MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology from Hosokawa Alpine is a key element in manufacturing high-performance single-material laminates based on polyethylene. It is only by monoaxial orientation that outstanding film characteristics can be achieved that allow PE film structures to substitute PET or BOPP films. These include:

  • High stiffness
  • Increased oxygen transmission rate
  • Excellent optical properties
  • Reduction of film thickness

These outstanding film properties are fundamental for the lamination and printing of Full PE packaging films. Economy of production is ensured by Hosokawa Alpine‘s unique TRIO technology "Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation" that significantly reduces the amount of edge trims.

New: Alpine's unique vacuum technology is a breathtaking landmark in MDO development. A so far unachieved degree of film planarity leading to outstanding reel qualities pleases the converter.

To the film orientation lines

Recycled Full PE film

to produce new stand-up pouches

New stand-up pouches can be made from recycled material stemming from laminated PE pouches. The new pouches contain up to 30% recycled PE pouch film, combining it with 70% new high-performance PE polymers. The result:

  •     Excellent packaging integrity
  •     High shock resistance
  •     Excellent optics
  •     Excellent for non-food applications such as cleaning agents or dishwasher tabs

Link to our partner project with ExxonMobil

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HIgh barrier solutions

reusable within the Full PE chain

Within this partner project various high-barrier monomaterial structures have been developed.

The aim is to create recyclable packaging that meets all customer requirements.

Result: different types of mono-material stand-up pouches with best properties regarding

  • Processability
  • Barrier
  • Safety and
  • Optics

Link to our partner project with Bobst, DOW and ELBA

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Plastics of the future

In collaboration with Total Petrochemicals and the packaging company Coveris, we have succeeded in developing a new plastics package that is at the same time raw material saving and fully recyclable:

  • Excellent optical properties for high print quality
  • High stiffness for high speed conversion
  • Applicable for reverse printing in flexo or gravure printing lines
  • Good thermal stability for efficient sealing
  • Considerable material savings through the unique TRIO system
  • Easy to open

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