ExVis 5

Hosokawa Alpine is publishing ExVis 5.0

- Software for intelligent blown film lines.

Digitisation and networking within the production line are playing an increasingly important role for efficient, high-quality manufacture. The reason is that the more reliably the entire film production process is controlled and monitored, the higher the final film quality. Hosokawa Alpine, one of the leading suppliers in the field of blown film extrusion, relies in this case on its tried and trusted ExVis (extrusion visualization) process visualisation software. The latest version 5.0 now includes many additional features that further improve the program and allow intelligent system control. “The emphasis in developing the latest version upgrade was placed on user-friendly operation and an even better overview of process-relevant data”, says Dr. Holger Niemeier, Managing Director and Head of Film Technology at Hosokawa Alpine.

Always up-to-date

Version 5.0 transforms ExVis into a fully networked system that merges and centrally manages the data of all system components. The program also offers a wide range of smart options for daily work on the machine. It is therefore possible for example to view immediately the quantity and type of metered raw materials, as well as the consumption level within a specific period. A wide range of analysis options is available within ExVis for assessing product quality. Immediate intervention in the production process is possible if necessary. It is also possible to store film formulations and machine settings for subsequent use.