rental machines

Rental equipment from Hosokawa Alpine at a fixed monthly price

- Flexible, convenient and short-notice rental solutions

Whether it concerns carrying out short-term projects, conducting trials or managing temporary production bottlenecks: Hosokawa Alpine offers the option of hiring machines as needed with a manufacturer’s warranty. Customers not only benefit from fast supply and a high degree of flexibility, but also from a complete service package from a single source.

Rental machines with countless advantages

"In the production environment, you sometimes don’t have the time or the capital to implement a costly new system, or you only need to increase capacity temporarily. This is why we provide our customers with a straightforward and quick product range and always have the right rental machine ready for every situation. And if requirements change, it is also possible to swap between different machines at any time,” explains Marco Hauk, Head of the Rental and Used Machines Division at Hosokawa Alpine.

The advantages of rental solutions already start with prompt availability. In contrast to buying, hiring is often subject to a less lengthy approval processes and can therefore happen more quickly. There are also financial benefits: Business rental expenses are immediately deductible and can translate into tax benefits by eliminating investment-related taxes. Hiring also saves equity capital and preserves liquidity margins. Those who hire directly from the manufacturer also enjoy clear advantages when it comes to quality and service: “Our rental machines are maintained with original parts and are always up to date with the latest technology. In addition to the machines, we also take care of transport, assembly, commissioning and cleaning,” says Marco Hauk.

The right rental machine for any application

Hosokawa Alpine’s constantly expanding range of rental machines spans from multiprocessing systems and air jet sieves for manufacturing small product quantities to complex production systems in ISO containers that can be used to ramp up production at virtually any location within just a few days. This concept means that Hosokawa Alpine can guarantee that a selection of the most suitable machine types for the task at hand is available at all times. The diverse range of stock is constantly being expanded. Wear parts and final cleaning are already included in the price. Customers can also book optional services such as operating personnel, training, and consulting in order to take even greater advantage of the comprehensive system expertise available from a single source.

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