for processing powder, granulates and bulk material

We give you everything from a single source: technologies for crushing, powder processing and bulk material handling. We will be happy to put together complete systems for you: customised and tailor-made for the product you want to process.

We have an international partner network of specialists for various application. Benefit from the combined knowledge of our experts from the Hosokawa Micron Group. We look forward to hearing from you!



Reduce product size to a specific fineness

We offer a wide range of machines for size reduction technology: from crushers for coarse grinding to agitated media mills for particle sizes in nanometres. The perfect model for your process: Our machine series come in many sizes. From mild steel, stainless steel or with ceramic lining, pressure-shock resistant or pharma-grade monoblock design with polished surfaces, we supply you with the ideal machine for your requirements.

Discover our pre-crushers, granulators and shredders, hammer mills, flake crushers, table roller mills, fine impact mills, classifier mills, jet mills and fluidised bed opposed jet mills as well as ball mills and agitated media mills!




to the fineness you require

Hosokawa Alpine’s classifiers and air classifiers have been developed for a wide range of applications. As a result, they cover a wide fineness range: from d97 = 2 µm to d97 = 200 µm.

Find out more about our classifiers and air classifiers


Press, shape and granulate

Do you want to process your powder into granular bulk goods, briquettes or pellets? Do you have problems with high dust content, low bulk densities and poor binding and flow properties? No matter how challenging the powder you want to process is, we can provide you with the right compacting technology solution - from the individual machine to the complete system.

Learn all about

kompaktors and roller presses

high pressure roller mills 

pelleting machines, basket extruders and spheronizers



Protection and Isolators

To meet the growing demands for protection and product isolation, Hosokawa Micron Ltd has developed a variety of containment technologies for processing hazardous materials. In addition, Hosokawa Alpine also offers flexible isolators.



Silo plants including filling and equipment

Complete silo systems for your individual needs: Hosokawa Solids Solutions will be pleased to plan and develop your plant:

silo installations, pneumatic filling of silos and equipment for silo installations

Weighing & Metering

for the exact quantity

To achieve optimal results the dosing device, scale and control system must be precisely tailored for each other and the respective bulk material and environment. We have the right solutions for you.

Discover Hosokawa Solids Solutions weighing & metering technologies – from small batch scales to big bags, dosing screws, precision feeders and much more!



Pneumatic pressure and vacuum conveying

Developed and installed for you: nine proven and sophisticated pneumatic conveying systems (pneumatic pressure and vacuum conveying) from Hosokawa Solids Solutions. They give you the best system for pneumatic conveying for every product and every specific task.



Wet and Dry

Innovative mixing technologies for powders, pastes, slurries and liquids: Hosokawa Micron B.V. mixing technologies are suitable for a wide range of applications from homogenisation of bulk materials to particle coating and agglomeration. The focus is always on the individual requirements of our customers.

Discover our mixers and mixing systems



Drying and Cooling Technologies

Whether powders, pastes, slurries or liquids, Hosokawa Micron B.V. Has innovative (freeze) drying and cooling technologies for your specific needs.

Find out about discontinuous dryers, continuous dryers and drying systems



Wet granulation and particle enlargement

Make the right choice for your agglomeration technology: Hosokawa Micron B. V. offers a wide range of Schugi equipment for agglomeration and particle enlargement.


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Planning the entire process

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