Screen changer

Production of our own range of screen changers for blown film extrusion

- Compact design and extremely high output rate.

Hosokawa Alpine, one of the leading suppliers in the field of blown film extrusion, is expanding its product portfolio and moving into production of screen changers. Screen changers serve to remove particles from the molten plastic with the aim of enhancing product quality. “Through optimum interaction of all components, our newly developed ASW screen changer series fits perfectly into Alpine systems while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and first-rate film quality”, says Dr. Holger Niemeier, Managing Director and Head of Film Technology at Hosokawa Alpine. 

Simple screen change

The Alpine ASW screen changer is constructed according to the tried and trusted hinged plate principle, which excels through its compact design with minimal space requirements. The resulting short melt lines combined with a generous 800-bar maximum permissible pressure guarantee extremely high output rates. The optimised melt channel geometries also prevent deposits, meaning longer service lives until the next cleaning cycle. The screen changer can be optionally equipped with manual or hydraulic operation. Subsequent retrofitting is also possible. For cleaning work, the screw can simply be withdrawn through the screen changer. This saves time and dispenses with retrofitting or conversion. Other outstanding features of the Alpine ASW include rapid heat-up times and melt pressure measurement, in addition to melt temperature measurement.