Discharging devices

Safe discharge, even with difficult bulk materials

When it comes to bulk materials, the task of discharging from silos and containers means that the product needs to have certain flow characteristics in the material feed. Many bulk materials do not flow freely out of the generally feasible and expedient inlet/outlet cross sections.

Flow is achieved by the application of force to loosen up settled grains/particles/fibres. A suitable discharging system is selected based on the product characteristics, operating conditions and type of task. The variants of vibration, fluidisation/aeration or mechanical agitation/tumbling are available.

The solids discharging devices are offered in four design lines: solids Basic, solids Clean, solids Hygienic, solids Heavy.

Hosokawa Solids, specialist for bulk solids handling, is part of the Hosokwa Alpine Group since 2020.

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Vibration Bin Discharger "ExtraVib"

Type EVK. Discharging from silos in mass flow avoids clearance volumes and segregation, permits high loads.

Vibration Bin Discharger "ExtraVib"

Type EVK-Hygienic. Discharging from silos under hygienic conditions in mass flow avoids clearance volumes and segregation, permits high loads, hygienic design according to EHEDG guidelines 

Vibration Cone Type EVS

In addition to smooth discharge from containers or silos, our vibrating hoppers ensure a good dosing consistency through optimised filling of the dosing device.

Aeration bottom, FLC type

Discharging and homogenisation of fluidisable powders or dusts, gentle treatment of the material to be discharged.

Aeration panels, ADS type

Aeration pad, ADF type. Aeration sticks, FLS type: Targeted aeration, flexible use at the required points, partial fluidisation in the silo cone.

Agitators, BAR type

Homogenisation and discharging, improvement of dosing accuracy, optimised adjustment of the agitator geometry to the product properties.

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