Filling devices

Simple, automatic filling and dosing of bulk materials

After processing, bulk materials need to be filled or transported for delivery to the customer, e.g. in silo vehicles, big bags/containers or barrels. Residual/waste materials also cannot be disposed of loose. That is why Hosokawa Solids Solutions offers a wide range of filling equipment, both for railway cars and lorries as well as for big bags, containers and barrels

Filling is often combined with weighing and dosing. A main focus here is accuracy, i.e. recording the filled weight, reproducibility and dosing control. In combination with our weighing and dosing technology, high accuracy and reproducibility are possible. It can also be optionally calibrated as a SWA or SWE scale.

The filling process can be fully automated through a complete electrical and pneumatic installation, including integrated control.

Hosokawa Solids, specialist for bulk solids handling, is part of the Hosokwa Alpine Group since 2020.

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Hosokawa Solids Product Range

Filling devices
Filling chutes TLB type

Filling chutes TLB type

With dual bellows and dust-free docking.

Dust-free loading of bulk materials from silos or processes into lorries or railway cars.

Filling chutes TLC type

Filling chutes TLC type

With conical inner cups and dust-free docking.

Dust-free loading of bulk materials from silos or processes into lorries or railway cars. Particularly suitable for abrasive products.

Big Bag Filling Device, BFA/BFM Type

The solids big bag filling device is distinctive due to its user-friendly suspension device, the dustproof SST type BBE special docking system and low maintenance requirements. Thanks to the integrated control and weighing system, the SST big bag filling device is particularly reliable.

Drum Filling Device

The SST drum filling device is ideally suited for filling drums thanks to its universal discharge and dosing system, the robust construction of its components, its dustproof barrel docking and low cleaning effort .

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