Cell culture media

Optimum cell performance

through homogeneous culture media

Cell culture media

The right system for perfect cell performance

Cell cultures require specific media. The key to generating good cell activity and growth curves lies in the recipe and the correct formulation of the contents. Once this mixture has been found, correct processing plays a decisive role. The dry medium must be homogeneous, both in particle size and mixing ratio, in order to not only dissolve quickly but also to ensure the same and correct composition in every single dose. The careful and hygienic processing of the cell culture media guarantees their high quality. The production systems used must be flexible and efficient if new batches are to be produced every day. This naturally means a simple and quick cleaning process.

Reliable solutions by means of integrated systems

The decisive factor is the processing – from the preliminary mix to the packaging – in a seamless process. An integrated approach to a process solution is essential. It prevents accidental contact with oxygen, moisture and germs from the environment. Short processing times under cool conditions safeguard the quality of the ingredients. A high degree of automation in the process – especially for cleaning and drying – creates reliability and flexibility and makes it possible to manufacture a wide variety of media with one system, regardless of whether in batches of a few kilograms or on the scale of several tons. Already today, the Hosokawa Alpine process for the manufacture of dry media for cell cultures has become the industry standard and simultaneously a guarantee for high-grade media quality.


  • Core processes mixing and grinding from one single source
  • Cooled fine grinding with the Hosokawa Alpine fine impact mill
  • Gentle but simultaneously intensive mixing in the conical Nauta® mixer
  • Integrated, automatic system cleaning
  • Maximum degree of automation
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