HX Select series extruder

Presentation of a new high-performance extruder

- Energy saving of up to 20 per cent.

Hosokawa Alpine, one of the leading suppliers in the field of blown film extrusion, is celebrating the debut appearance of its newly developed HX Select series extruder at the K 2019 trade fair. The powerful extruder is ideally suited for processing materials such as LLDPE, mLLDPE and PCR (Post Customer Recycled) and bioplastics. “With an energy saving of up to 20 per cent versus standard grooved barrel extruders and an up to 50 per higher melt performance, the HX Select ensures more efficient film production,” says Dr. Holger Niemeier, Managing Director and Head of Film Technology at Hosokawa Alpine.

Higher output with improved bubble stability

This is made possible by an innovative cylinder and screw design. The effective mixing principle allows a low mass temperature, thus achieving optimum melt uniformity. Consequently, lower cooling capacities are required in production for extremely high output rates. Markedly reduced mass temperature of the melt and resulting increased bubble stability has a positive effect on the thermal stability of the raw materials. The HX Select extruder likewise excels through its compact design and outstanding abrasion-resistance. The series is available with screw diameters of between 50 and 120 millimetres and owing to the higher output, allows use of smaller overall dimensions in comparison to conventional extruders.