The PULVIS is THE energy-optimised grinding system for ultra-fine materials. The vertical, dry agitator bead mill features an integrated dynamic classifier. Its strength is the ultrafine and low contamination grinding of hard materials.

Size reduction processes of products such as ceramic materials or glass are very energy-intense. The finer the particles to be produced, the higher the energy that is required for the grinding process. The PULVIS meets these requirements and reduces your energy costs. Gain competitive advantages in dry grinding with our process engineering solution.

  • fineness values down to d97 < 1μm
  • up to 80% energy saving
  • ultrafine grinding in the dry process
  • steep particle size distributions
  • sharp top cut

Principle of operation

The milling part is located at the bottom of the machine. Feed material is ground by agitated media that combine impact grinding and attrition.

The gasflow injected from the bottom side transports and cools the particles on their way through the grinding media.

Ground particles are conveyed by air, passing through the grinding chamber to the classifier.

The classifier separates the required fine product from coarse particles. The coarse particles return to the grinding zone for further grinding.

1  Feed silo 2  Precise product dosing 3  ALPINE Pulvis  

4  Bottom air blower 5  Product filter and packaging  

6 Blower  7  Control and automation


  • Compact, space-saving design
  • From Laboratory to production scale: with possibility to scale-up over complete range
  • Energy efficient: With high grinding efficiency specific energy consumption is reduced by up to 80 %. Finer particle sizes are possible compared to jet milling.
  • Ultra fine particles: The compact unit reliably produces very fine products with particle sizes in the sub-micron range.
  • Easy assembly, disassembly and cleaning are achieved with this design. Ideal machine for frequent material changes.
  • Wear protection: Mill and classifier are protected by ceramic lining and parts.

PULVIS PRO - simplify your processes!

Maximise your profit by increasing production times while keeping maintenance costs low.

  • Wider access to grinding chamber and classifier wheel ensures better cleanability
  • Bolted wear segments on the grinding chamber floor make the wear protection replaceable - ideal for abrasive products


For even greater finenesses: PULVIS PRO with multi-wheel classifier heads

The PULVIS PRO can be enhanced to achieve maximum fineness and high throughput rates even with highly abrasive products such as aluminum oxide. The key here lies in enlarging the classifier wheel surface with multi-wheel classifier heads from our ATP PRO classifier wheel. The combination with ceramic wear protection results in the following advantages for your production and your product:

  • No reduction in air volume flows: more throughput with finer product
  • Less wear reduces downtimes and costs
  • Finer end product

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Do you need to grind hard, temperature-insensitive products extremely finely? Then the PULVIS is the right choice for you.

  • Aluminium oxide
  • Anorganic pigments
  • Battery materials
  • Ceramic materials
  • Ceramic pigments
  • Glass, glass frits
  • Hydrogen adsorbent alloy
  • Industrial materials
  • Metal oxide

The use of additives is possible.

Areas of application



Aluminium trihydroxide (ATH)

Technical specifications

PULVIS product line 150 lab scale 450 600 800 1000
Scale up factor   0.5–0.6 1 2 3
Mill motor (kW) 2.2 11 18.5 37 55
Classifier motor (kW) 1.4 5.5 7.5 18.5 18.5
Air flow rate (m³/h] 40–60 360–540 600–900 1200–1800 1800–2700

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