Cable recycling

Cable recycling

Robust and efficient machines and systems for cable recycling – unparalleled yield also with stranded wire cables

The recycling of cable scrap places enormous demands on the machine and system technology. Especially on the sector of scrap cable, tramp material in the feed product is the norm rather than the exception, and the copper itself also demands an extremely robust machine design.
Over and above this, the copper is not always present in the same form – solid cable, for example, with a diameter of up to several millimetres and fine stranded cable with diameters in the 100-micrometre range.
Perfect results – with respect to service life and yield – call not only for specialists but also for the right system.

Best results due to the right cutting and separation technology

The granulators used for cable recycling are characterised by virtue of their extremely robust design, proven over many years. Durable construction materials such as SG cast iron can be combined with wear-protection elements especially tailored to the processing of scrap cable.
The reliable processing of different feed sizes and compositions, as well as an excellent recovery factor, is ensured by means of a modular system comprising preliminary size reduction, liberation, pelleting and dry mechanical separation.

Competencies in cable recycling:

  • Maximum recovery degree of copper
  • Minimum contamination in copper and plastic
  • Long machine service life
  • Simple maintenance
  • Low personnel costs due to fully automated process control
  • Explosion-protection concept for filters

Reference values for the throughput rates

of different cable recycling systems
Mill type Mill power Capacity solid cable
Capacity stranded cable
Capacity mixed cable
28/40 Ro
250 UPZ
15 kW
11 kW
200 kg/h 100 kg/h 100 - 200 kg/h
(dependent on mixture)
50/80 Ro
500 UPZ
75 kW
37 kW
800 kg/h 400 kg/h 400 - 800 kg/h
(dependent on mixture)
63/100 Ro
630 UPZ
110 kW
45 kW
2.500 kg/h 1.000 kg/h 1.000 - 2.500 kg/h
(dependent on mixture)
80/190 Ro
1000 UP
200 kW
75 kW
5.000 kg/h 2.000 kg/h 2.000 - 5.000 kg/h
(dependent on mixture)
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