Reduce product size to a specific fineness

From pre-crushers for the comminution of coarse materials to jet and ball mills for ultra-fine grinding: Hosokawa Alpine offers mills for a wide range of fineness levels. The mill type that is best suited to your application depends not only on the desired fineness level, but also on which raw material is to be ground and for what purpose.

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Solutions for grinding a wide range of products

From coarse to ultra-fine: Hosokawa Alpine offers a wide range of mills for different fineness levels and feed materials.


Pre-crusher are used for coarse crushing and break up coarse materials to a particle size of <30 mm. Crushing is achieved using counter rotating grinding rollers that are equipped with either bars or discs.

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Cutting mills & shredders

Granulators & shredders are available in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Popular applications include recycling tasks as well as pre-shredding products before they are fed into an actual grinding process. A true classic solution here is the Rotoplex Ro granulator: a popular all-rounder that can achieve high throughput rates. The Rotoplex is also available in a stainless steel version for applications in the food industry, e.g. pre-crushing spices.

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Hammer mills

Hammer mills such as the Pulverizer MP swing hammer mill are suitable for shredding soft to medium-hard products. Here, crushing is achieved using rotating hammers that strike the material to be ground. The hammers also fling the ground material against the mill wall, where it is further broken up due to the impact. Hammer mills are suitable for a wide range of applications in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and mineral industries.

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Sieve mills

With a sieve mill, the product is pulverised between the rotor and the sieve, allowing for a defined upper particle size limit to be achieved. Sieve mills are suitable for crushing soft to medium-hard brittle materials.

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Table roller mills

Table roller mills work according to the principle of pressure comminution. The material to be ground is subjected to compressive stress between the grinding table and the grinding rollers, and is comminuted in the process. They are suitable for brittle/elastic grinding materials; the fineness level of the end product is between 20 µm and 100 µm. Popular applications include soft to medium-hard mineral raw materials.

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Fine impact mills

With fine impact mills, the ground material collides with the grinding elements, breaking up into small particles. Our fine impact mills cover a wide range of requirements, ensuring that you always get the right mill for every application. The grinding elements of the Ultraplex UPZ fine impact mill are interchangeable, which allows the mills to be used as universally as possible. The Sugarplex SX pin mill was developed especially for the sugar industry. The Contraplex CW II wide chamber pin millis particularly suitable for oily products and can also be used for cryogenic grinding.

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Classifier mills

A classifier mill combines a fine impact mill and an air classifier in one machine. This is how the mill covers two different process steps. With our ZPS and ACM classifier mills, fineness levels between 10 and 200 µm can be achieved. They are suitable for a wide range of applications in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical/cosmetics and minerals industries.

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Classifier mills & fluidised bed opposed jet mills

In contrast to the other types of mills, jet mills do not have grinding elements. Instead, the particles of the ground material repeatedly collide with each other in a gas jet, thereby ensuring that it is ground and comminuted. The biggest advantage: Since there are no mechanical grinding elements for the particles to come into contact with, there is also no wear. Jet mills are suitable for dry and very hard materials and enable fineness levels of up to d97 = 1 µm. In spiral jet mills such as the Aeroplex AS, the nozzles are positioned around the grinding chamber in such a way that the gas flows out in a spiral. Fluidised bed opposed jet mills such as the AFG and the TDG have a product fluidised bed that is fluidised by the gas jets. From that point, the particles enter the gas flow.

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Ball mills & agitated media mills

Ball mills such as the Super Orion S.O. have freely moving balls in a drum. The drive sets these balls in motion and the ground material is crushed between the balls. In agitated media mills, the balls are set in motion by an agitator. The PULVIS is suitable for ultra-fine materials and can achieve fineness levels of up to d97 <1μm. Additional agitated media mills include the ATR (dry milling) and the ANR (wet milling).

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