Diverters for bulk solids

Multiple paths for more efficiency

With the help of diverters, several start or end points can be served with one conveying line. This not only saves investment costs, it also increases flexibility. For example, raw materials can be removed from sacks or big bags and transported further using the same conveyor. Alternating the supply to different receiving stations increases utilisation of the conveyor system, improving energy efficiency. 

Diverter flaps for downpipes allow the bulk material flow to be easily switched. Be it to discharge of unusable material or, for example, to supply several mixers with one supply bin. 

Hosokawa Solids, specialist for bulk solids handling, is part of the Hosokwa Alpine Group since 2020.

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Hosokawa Solids Product Range


  • Diverter flaps, VDP type:  Switching the bulk material flow in a downpipe, two or three ways, symmetrical or asymmetrical, adaptable to cross section.
  • Diverter flaps, VDP-hygienic-dry type: solid diverter flap for switching a vertical bulk material flow in a hygienic-dry design. Complies with 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive and GMP requirements (easy to dismantle, easy to clean due to removable housing cover with quick-release ring and plug-in flap; simple, cost-effective assembly; flap can be easily removed without tools; self-cleaning by rotating the flap 270°)
  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type: Distributor for pneumatic pressure conveying lines or merging of vacuum conveying lines, up to 20 outlets, also as collector, smooth and shock-free material passage, piggable, free of dead zones.
  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type abrasive-resistant design: Rotary pipe and connecting parts with ceramic lining or hardened thick-walled pipe.
  • Multi-way diverters, MWW type anti-adhesion design: Rotary pipe and connecting parts with PE pipe or made of elastomer, smooth, shock-free material passage
  • Two-way diverters, ZWW type: Distributor with two outlets, compact, free of dead zones, smooth, shock-free material passage, design also abrasive resistant or anti-adhesion version.

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