Lump crushers

Lump crushers for breaking down lumps or agglomerates are always used if in a process (usually) undesirable, large lumps of material are formed due to storage, sedimentation or pressure. A dedicated mill is impractical or unprofitable in most cases. Hosokawa Solids Lump crushers may be integrated into a system without requiring additional conveyors or vacuum devices. This increases cost effectiveness and reduces space requirements. Areas of application include chemicals, environmental engineering, construction materials and powdered minerals, as well as foodstuffs.

  • Coarse Crusher Type K1G: Breaking up recyclate, lumps and agglomerates that arise from storage or compression. Low overall height, replaceable grate with defined gap width.
  • Fine Crusher with Sieve Type K1S: Single-shaft lump breaker with sieve, precisely defined particle size, horizontal beam beating mechanism, sieve support with semi-circular shaped sieve, replaceable.
  • Fine Crusher Type K2: Two-shaft lump breaker with toothed plates, adjustable gap geometry, with scraper or sieve.
  • Coarse/Fine Crusher Combinations Type K3: Three-shaft lump breaker for crushing coarse lumps or crusts in one or two stages.


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