Oscillating take-off systems

New film take-off AKHN-B

- Important guarantor of quality for high-quality film

The ideal film take-off helps lay the foundation for the flatness of the film and optimises a variety of properties when it comes to high-quality film. As a full subsidiary of Hosokawa Alpine AG, Hosokawa Kolb GmbH from Niederkassel near Cologne has been developing innovative solutions for perfect take-off, winding and handling of various types of film for over 70 years. One new addition to the portfolio is the AKHN-B, a high-quality standard take-off with a modular design and optional S-wrap tempering unit.

Modular design with quick roller changes

“The take-off is particularly user-friendly thanks to optimised accessibility of the components. We have done away with the separate control cabinet for the AKHN-B. This design means that the rollers can be changed in the shortest possible time and makes carrying out maintenance and cleaning work very convenient,” explains Michael Buchauer, Managing Director at Hosokawa Kolb. The modular construction allows it to be designed for different requirements: The working width of the AKHN-B ranges from 1300 mm to 2600 mm as standard and can be optionally extended to 3200 mm. The take-off speed ranges from 150 m per minute to peak values of 300 m per minute. The new take-off also earns high marks for its low overall height. In order to optimise the flatness and further improve the film quality, the version is also optionally available with an S-Wrap 1, S-Wrap 2 and S-Wrap 4 tempering unit. In terms of maintenance, the new AKHN-B take-off makes a strong showing: Easy access to the interior through the sliding doors, a smaller number of crossbars in the frame as well as the decentralised drive concept make the take-off more maintenance-friendly than previous models.

Integration in the process visualisation software ExVis

To provide more ease of use for customers, the AKHN-B take-off, like all other Hosokawa Kolb components, has been fully integrated into the ExVis process visualisation system. “In addition, the film recipes with the corresponding operating data are stored in ExVis and can be called up at any time. The recipes are stored at a central location and can be imported into all Hosokawa Kolb system components. The AKHN-B also has one touch capability, which includes a standard position indicator for the side guide and film sliding guide,” explains Buchauer.

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