Rotoplex Ro

Rotoplex Ro

This product line has almost achieved cult status. The concept and the sturdy machine design make it ideal for any cuttable material – especially if high cutting forces and high throughput rates are required. Although the classic in ALPINE's granulator range, it is upgraded continually to accommodate the latest technology.

  • Sizes from 15 – 500 kW
  • Patented cross-scissor cut
  • Solid spheroidal graphite cast iron design
  • High specific cutting capacity for maximum throughputs
  • Special designs available
  • Optimal product feeding characteristics

This product line has almost achieved cult status in Alpine's granulator range. It is characterised by an extremely powerful and robust design, incorporating the Alpine cross-scissor cut rotor. High-grade spheroidal graphite cast iron in GGG-40 quality ensures that even in continuous heavy-duty operation, the Rotoplex granulators do their job reliably over many years.

  • Rotors in patented Alpine cross-scissor-cut technology
  • Compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent value for money
  • Also available in stainless steel

  • All kinds and shapes of plastic waste, especially film, lumps, profile scrap, flakes, etc.
  • Natural and synthetic caoutchouc, vulcanised rubber
  • Cable scrap: copper cables, aluminium cables, lead cables, electronic scrap, etc
  • Cuttable materials: fibres, glass-fibre waste, leather, paper

Universal in use for all cuttable materials such as plastics, film, fibres, rubber, leather, etc.

  • Rotor and machine housing in fracture-resistant cast iron
  • Removable cover, cutting chamber easily accessible for cleaning or knife and screen change
  • Rotor knives can be used on 1 side
  • Stator knives can be used on 4 sides
  • Open rotor directly mounted to the reinforced motor shaft
  • Available with standard or tangential chute
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