Compliance is important for us - we tolerate only compliant behaviour

We understand compliance to embrace all those measures which make compliant behaviour possible, in other words behaviour in accordance with the prevailing laws, moral precepts, cultural standards and the expectations of the company along the entire value-added chain. To ensure that this culture of integrity and compliance finds its way into our daily routine, it also forms part of a number of different company processes.

This is why the HOSOKAWA ALPINE GROUP does not tolerate any irregular behaviour and will systematically sanction each and every violation on a case-by-case basis. We have therefore created a possibility whereby you can report potential compliance infringements.
We will not hold the informant responsible, neither under the labour laws nor under criminal law, and will not call the same to task for damage compensation unless intent or gross negligence played a role in the submission of a false report.

This is how you can help us:

If you have concrete suspicions of compliance violations, please let us know. A corresponding form is available for download. Kindly fill out the form and send it to us or contact our compliance officer direct. We will investigate every plausible allegation.
We will naturally treat your personal data in strict confidence and will no longer make use of the same once the situation has been clarified. It is naturally also possible to submit an anonymous report, whereby the problem with this is that we are then unable to make contact with you and many questions that are essential to clarification of the case often therefore remain unanswered.

Norbert Berger - Compliance Officer
Peter-Dörfler-Str. 13-25
86199 Augsburg, Germany

phone: +49 821 5906-720
fax: +49 821 5906-218
email: wbs(at)

Compliance Violation Form
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