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Customers demand increasingly and quite rightly that their entire process is considered as a single-source responsibility in a holistic manner. This includes discussing the process and system development in a detailed and individual manner. This takes time and ties up internal resources. And this is exactly where Hosokawa Alpine Process Consulting steps in to offer its customers a new service of conceptual and preliminary system planning.


Process Consulting - that's how it works

A good listener is able to give good advice.

  • Clarification of the problem specification
  • Current situation and analysis of the requirements
  • Determining the general parameters

Analysis becomes planning.

  • Comprehensive consideration of the problem specification while taking special characteristics of the bulk material / system into account
  • Scheduling of trials, workshops or system inspections (if necessary)
  • Preparation of a rough project plan and individual quotation

Step by step to a solution.

  • Testing the technical feasibility (trials)
  • Definition of the main units
  • Compilation of ideas and test results
  • Preparation of initial process sketches
  • Evaluation of alternatives

And now for the nitty-gritty.

  • Details of an implementation concept
  • Preparation of flow charts
  • Determination of the costs for the main units
  • Preparation of mass and energy balances
  • Start of the 3D planning

Last steps prior to hand-over.

  • 3D visualisation of main process components and building structures
  • Flow charts
  • Documentation hand-over
  • Basis for your further business plan


Make the right decision: with sound advice and detailed preliminary planning

Are you considering construction of a new building or do you have a laboratory, product or process idea and need support for the industrial realisation? Comprehensive process consulting finds a solution to every issue. The focus here is on the sector of powder and particle processing, especially the (dry) processing of bulk materials. Our highly motivated team of engineers is known for its extensive expertise in the field of powder and particle processing. Our engineers offer independent, competent and all embracing advice. At the same time, they are fast, flexible, innovative and solution-oriented. The result: a well-founded decision basis that reflects the entire expertise of the Hosokawa Group.


Well thought out

Decision with a safety net

Process Consulting considers every single production step:
Delivery of raw materials, transport, storage, drying, dosing, weighing, mixing, comminution, agglomeration, compaction, sieving / screening, separation and packaging of the bulk materials. This makes sure that the entire process chain is covered – from the raw material to the end product. This also serves to significantly increase the soundness of the decision-making basis.


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