Test centers for product trials

Improve the quality and efficiency of your products

Included in our extensive service portfolio are our application testing centers built according to state-of-the-art standards. You decide when and where the product trial is to take place: either via video conference and live connection or on site on our premises.

Our experienced engineers put your applications to the litmus test: we determine the data needed to lay out production systems, configure the machines to match your requirements and assist you during product development.

The trials can be carried out either on a laboratory or production scale. Afterwards, we provide you with a detailed test report with the test results together with the ground end product.

Together with our experienced engineers, you can develop new products for your application!

Our range of services

Good products, good testing possibilities

  • Feasibility studies: the fundamental feasibility is tested in initial laboratory tests. A design test that is representative for the production process is then carried out in our application testing center.
  • Process optimisation: in the case of optimisations, e.g. optimising the end-product fineness and throughput of existing customer systems, our service division makes full use of our application testing center.
  • Scale-up: once the right system design has been defined, scale-up to the final production system is performed. Reliable and informative test data form the basis.

  • Development of new products: when it comes to development of completely new products, our testing center is available not only for the process development but also for the production of product samples to allow the user to test the market.
  • Special designs: cryogenic grinding (LIN required), potentially explosive products (inerting, pressure-shock-proof systems), abrasive products, hazardous goods, shredder-granulator combination, production process simulation (with pneumatic conveying, mixing and screening), clean-room design, particle size analysis, etc.

Digital supervision of product trials

The practicable method of classic testing execution – 100% online

Preliminary procedures

  • You define the peripheral conditions
  • You send us your material
  • Together, we coordinate the test date
  • You receive an access link to the video conference

Test execution

  • With your PC, you use this link on the day of the test to connect with our system
  • We then start the day together with a preliminary discussion per video conference
  • Alternatively, you can combine the on-site visit and the digital test support: one of your colleagues could take part directly in the trial in Augsburg / Leingarten, the rest of your team will follow the trial digitally and live via video connection - directly from home. You make the decisions.

Insights & highlights during the product trial

  • You can look directly onto the operating panel of the system
  • You can have a close look at the product samples via video transmission
  • Evaluations of the product analyses are made available by our laboratory
  • Be there live: our test engineer will connect you via camera. You get a direct view inside the system.

Costs & scope of performance

  • We send you the test reports together with the ground end product
  • You reduce the fee-based service and travel time to a minimum
  • At the touch of a button, we support you with our expertise – anywhere in the world, around the clock. That saves time, costs and resources which you can then make use of otherwise.

Our test centers at a glance

The equipment at a glance

  • Surface area: 500 m²
  • Installed systems: 20
  • Machines laid out for the production of small batches for basic tests (> 4 kW) up to machines on a production scale (90 kW)

Special designs

  • Potentially explosive products
  • New: Polyplex as an innovative shredder-granulator combination in one single system


The equipment at a glance

  • Surface area: 325 m² (2 test rooms)
  • Installed systems: 11
  • Laid out for the production of small batches

Special designs

  • Hazardous materials subject to individual examination
  • Potentially explosive products: inerting
  • Production process simulation with pneumatic conveying, mixing and screening

The equipment at a glance

  • Clean room based on a pharmaceuticals laboratory, but without a clean-room class rating
  • Downflow (laminar flow) cabin for the processing of particularly critical materials
  • Circuit-air mode with 3 filters switched in series (coarse filter, fine filter)
  • OEL (operator exposure level) < 10 µg/m3

The in-house testing laboratory is equipped with the most important devices for particle analysis (e.g. air jet sieving, wet sieving, sedigraph and laser diffraction analysis). In addition, there is equipment for the analysis of rheological properties as well as microscopy.


The equipment at a glance

  • Air jet sieve e200 LS (particle size)
  • Sympatec Helos / KFS-Magic (laser diffraction)
  • Malvern 3000 (laser diffraction)
  • Sedigraph (sedimentation method)
  • Coulter Counter (number distribution)
  • BET (surface area)
  • Whiteness meter
  • Scanning electron microscope SEM

The equipment at a glance

  • Surface area: 3000 m² over 4 floors
  • Installed systems: 34
  • Laid out for small production machine sizes
  • Compressed air system for 3,000 m3/h
  • 2 liquid nitrogen tanks: 20,000 & 10,000 litres
  • Waste water treatment

Special designs

  • Cryogenic grinding: exact determination of the LIN requirement
  • Potentially explosive products: inerting, pressure-shock-proof systems
  • Abrasive products
  • Hazardous materials


The Application Center Food opened in January 2021 after two years of planning.

The equipment at a glance

  • Classifier mill ACM 10
  • Classifier ATP 200
  • Fine impact mill UPZ 315

Special designs

  • Stainless steel installation
  • Pressure-shock-resistant design for dust-explosive products
  • Premises in accordance with the highest food standards: food-safe flooring, hygienic feet, control cabinets in the wall, etc.

Use our know-how

to your advantage

Our experience for your success

  • During your product trials, you can rely on our long-standing knowledge and years of experience in numerous application areas. 

Realistic conditions for your product trial

  • We test your products with our state-of-the-art systems to ensure that you achieve the best yields.

Locations worldwide

  • As a global player, we have testing centres all over the world. Together with yourself and the Hosokawa Micron Group members, we coordinate your product trial.

The facts speak for themselves

Over 70

machines and analytical devices

We have a wide range of machines available at two different locations with which you can test your products.


trials a year

We perform between 450 and 500 product trials every year.

5 to 7 days

is the typical time needed to achieve a result

5 days to one week You will receive all the documentation regarding your trial as soon as possible.

4 test engineers, 7 operators

accompany you throughout your product trial

Our experts are available at all times for your queries. Whether by telephone, webcam or on site during the test.

Your contact

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Planning the entire process

It’s not just building a machine – we support your projects from consulting to maintenance.