Dosing equipment

Remove, convey and add bulk materials with control and precision

Uncontrolled unloading of bulk materials is usually undesirable or even problematic. Conveying systems, for example, can clog mixers or mills if a lot of product is fed in at one time. This is why Hosokawa Solids Solutions dosing devices ensure even, adaptable product flow, even directly from silos. In combination with our weighing technology, very precise dosing tasks are also possible. Both in batch as well as continuous operation. 

The aim is to achieve high volumetric dosing accuracy, in other words consistency and reproducibility. Ideally, this goal is achieved when the dosing units, which are installed separated, are filled 100 percent and then emptied again 100 percent.

Typical examples of volumetric dosing devices include:

  • Rotary airlock
  • Micro-metering airlock
  • Metering screws
  • Vibratory metering screws with hoppers
  • PreciDos precision metering device
  • Scraper-equipped rotary airlocks

Hosokawa Solids, specialist for bulk solids handling, is part of the Hosokwa Alpine Group since 2020.

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Hosokawa Solids Product Range

Dosing equipment

  • Rotary valves, ZRS type: Dosing valves, low pulsation, possible with multi-pocket rotor, ideal for products that tend to have a powerful discharge.
  • Microfeeding Rotary Valve, MDS type: Low pulsation dosing of products that tend to have a powerful discharge or to stick, with high accuracy, for small and extremely small outputs.
  • Dosing Screw, DSC type: Dosing with high accuracy and consistency, universally applicable, horizontal or inclined, made to measure.
  • Dosing Screw, DSC-hygienic type: Dosing screw with high accuracy, designed according to EHEDG guidelines for maximum hygienic production, with European patent protection 
  • Vibratory dosing screws, DSV type with vibration cone: Reliable dosing with optimised filling, low pulsation, high accuracy, and avoids bridging in the inlet area.
  • PreciDos precision dosing equipments, DSA type: Dosing with the highest accuracy, easy to dismantle, easy to clean, also suitable for smallest quantities.

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