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Powder & particle processing - general overview

Mills and classifiers: we have been supplying process-technological machines and systems for the manufacture of fine powders for over 110 years now. Our machines are employed in numerous applications: for mineral raw materials, in the chemicals industry, for the manufacture of pharmaceutics, cosmetics, foodstuffs and for recycling applications.

Each and every substance poses special demands of the processing system: to meet these demands, we produce tailor-made solutions. Our wide range of different mills and classifier models permits selection of the most suitable  machine type for the task in hand under consideration of technical and economical aspects as well as high energy efficiency. Trials in our testing centre on the material to be processed make it possible to lay out and optimise the process long before the actual investment decision is made.

Mills and classifier mills for the dry and wet processing of powders: fine impact mills, jet mills, granulators and shredders, ball mills and agitated media mills, hammer mills and crushers.  Details

Our laboratory equipment is employed for quality control and for the development of new materials and processes.

The ALPINE e200 LS air jet sieve is ideal for fast and simultaneously reproducible particle size analysis.  Details

We are able to cover a wide range of applications with our many different air classifier and zigzag classifier models. Besides general criteria such as fineness and  throughput rate, we also offer wear-protected or pressure-shock-proof designs.  Details

As early as the development stage of new materials, the processability of the substance on a production scale must be considered. The picoline ® offers the researcher mills, classifiers and mixers on a miniature scale, where just a few grams of the substance suffice for a trial.  Details

Compactors, High-Pressure Roller Mills, Flake Crushers and Gear Pelletizers for processing powders. By compacting, granulating, briquetting and crushing, granules, briquettes, flakes or pellets with increased bulk weight are produced.

The quality of the machine control unit and user interface has a great influence on the productivity of a system. We design the control unit and software in close cooperation with process engineers, electrical engineers and software engineers. We also upgrade and modernise old control units.  Details

Containment systems protect operating personnel from highly active or toxic substances. In close cooperation with our customers, we create tailor-made systems which optimally fulfil all requirements in terms of the process itself, ergonomics and GMP directives.  Details

Spare and wear parts, inspection and maintenance, general overhauls, process optimisation, modernisation of system components and system control units. Training courses for operating and maintenance personnel.  Details

We design, build and install tailor-made systems for the production of powders, including the complete process control and process automation elements. The system user receives a dedicated turnkey system from one single source.  Details

ALPINE's application testing centre offers numerous possibilities to investigate the size reduction and classification of a material. A total of 60 mills and classifiers on a laboratory and production-scale are installed over 4 storeys with a total area of 3.000m². The test results are verified in the test laboratory using analytical equipment. The performance of trials at an early project stage provides the system user with a high degree of investment security.  Details

Our objective is to offer you an optimum service for your Alpine production lines. To this end, we put a comprehensive package of services at your disposal that we tailor to match your individual requirements. Our services in traditional Alpine quality and at fair market prices ensure the best possible availability of your system and constitute for us the basis of a long and successful business relationship.