The Blueserv Remote Service

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Remote service is the new service option from BLUESERV: the support for process optimisation has now been expanded to include a digital solution. Operating data can be analysed via remote service and as a result, conclusions drawn on the status of your production system. At the same time, the efficiency of the processes is checked. If any irregularities are detected, the BLUESERV service specialists will be able to give recommendations. Your production system will operate again at an optimum level. The effect: significant savings of costs, time and nerves.

You decide who has access to the data

To record the process and machine data necessary for the remote service, a data logger will be installed in the system control panel. These data can be remotely accessed by the BLUESERV remote service. But it is only if we have your authorisation that our service engineers will retrieve data from your system to analyse and evaluate them. The remote service is secure.

Convincing advantages:

  • Process optimisation through the analysis of process data
  • Remote support when changing the product
  • Time-consuming visits from a service specialist are no longer necessary
  • Fast assistance in the case of system defects
  • Reduction of the service costs
  • Our experts are able to draw conclusions from the archived process data about future events and can thus optimise the operation of your system
  • Integration of a bearing status monitor to enable more efficient planning of maintenance procedures
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