The Blueserv Remote Service

Reliability at a click

Service from a distance – data analysis brings more efficiency.

Remote service is the new service option from BLUESERV: the support for process optimisation has now been expanded to include a digital solution. Operating data can be analysed via remote service and as a result, conclusions drawn on the status of your production system. At the same time, the efficiency of the processes is checked. If any irregularities are detected, the BLUESERV service specialists will be able to give recommendations. Your production system will operate again at an optimum level. The effect: significant savings of costs, time and nerves.

You decide who has access to the data

To record the process and machine data necessary for the remote service, a data logger will be installed in the system control panel. These data can be remotely accessed by the BLUESERV remote service. But it is only if we have your authorisation that our service engineers will retrieve data from your system to analyse and evaluate them. The remote service is secure.

Convincing advantages:

  • Process optimisation through the analysis of process data
  • Remote support when changing the product
  • Time-consuming visits from a service specialist are no longer necessary
  • Fast assistance in the case of system defects
  • Reduction of the service costs
  • Our experts are able to draw conclusions from the archived process data about future events and can thus optimise the operation of your system
  • Integration of a bearing status monitor to enable more efficient planning of maintenance procedures

Alpine Pin

Software for process technology

Whether you select an original Hosokawa Alpine mill or another Simatic S7-based machine, Alpine PIN software will always provide you with excellent performance:

  • Convenient monitoring of all data on your computer
  • Simple integration of required parameters
  • Management and error-analysis for various machines
  • Secure archiving and retrieving of data and formulations
  • Existing machines are upgradeable without modifications to hardware or software
  • Flexible connection via Ethernet
  • Intuitive and operation-secure interface intuitive

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Data archiving: Data recording, archiving, display and management – safe and reliable for up to ten years (depending on available data-storage capacity)
  • Online data: Monitor pressure, temperature, speed and other current data from the last 30 minutes in trend charts
  • Error achiving: Detect the most frequent error sources and analyse error messages with the help of monthly bar charts
  • Live error management: Save time and precious resources by immediately detecting and addressing errors or drops in performance
  • Print: With the integrated print function, simply print out logs, charts and current or archived data
  • Logs: Create and archive logs for samples and long-term evaluation
  • Export / Import: Import or export configuration data for all parameters as required
  • Parameter settings: Individually set or retrieve any required parameters such as pressure, temperature, speed, etc.
  • Configuration: Security settings and personal preferences configurable at any time
  • Plant management: Simultaneously manage and configure multiple systems
  • CSV export: Export current error messages, archived data or formulations as CSV files

Secure monitoring

Perfect machinery

Optimized output

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