Hosokawa Alpine logistics centre

Hosokawa Alpine opens its new logistics centre

- The new location for global goods traffic optimises the logistics.

Hosokawa Alpine AG moved into its new logistics centre on the site of Augsburg's central freight terminal and simultaneously started operations. "With investment in the new logistics centre, we not only make a commitment to the further development of the Augsburg location but we also optimise our logistical infrastructure", explains Dr Antonio Fernández, chairman of the executive board at Hosokawa Alpine AG. The construction work at the new site began in May 2019 and was completed on schedule just over twelve months later at the end of May 2020. 

Hub for global goods traffic

The new logistics centre has a warehousing capacity of around 8,000 square metres. 
An extension area for a second construction phase is available and is owned by Hosokawa Alpine AG. "We invested in the new building because we have reached our capacity limits at our location in Göggingen and we are also expecting further growth in the future", says Dr Antonio Fernández. As a result of the future logistical infrastructure of Augsburg's central freight terminal, Hosokawa Alpine is now in a position in the medium term to deliver the majority of its shipments by rail. This measure will substantially ease the traffic on the roads surrounding the Hosokawa Alpine premises and also in the entire municipal centre of Augsburg, and at the same time, Hosokawa Alpine will do justice to its sustainability standards.

The current coronavirus situation means that there will be no festive inauguration of the logistics centre.

Hosokawa Alpine's new logistics centre was put into operation at the beginning of June, barely one year after construction commenced.