Film recycling

Film recycling

Process solutions for recycling plastic film

In the price-sensitive environment of plastic film production, the conservation of resources, minimisation of material loss as well as the reduction of downtime are of vital economic importance. For example, the failure of an edge trim mill can mean that the complete line has to be shut down with corresponding and considerable production loss.
Over and above this, the topics of clean production and "housekeeping" are becoming increasingly important.

Reduce downtime with robust, reliable machines

Reliability is of the utmost importance for recycling machines in the field of plastic film production.
All machines included in a film recycling line are coordinated to perfectly match each other, both in their design as well as in the customer-specific layout with respect to film material, throughput, feed and transport paths, etc.
Besides optimum coordination of the components, an extremely stable design as well as control of the individual components constitutes a major part of a reliable overall solution.
Whether BO film, cast film, blown film or calender film, a closed material circuit on the sector of film production is an essential topic.


Modular systems for every kind of plastic film. Besides the actual mills or granulators, our portfolio also includes intake units, film flake silos, collection devices and individually laid out pneumatic conveying systems matched to the respective type of film. Competent engineering and profound process know-how qualify Hosokawa Alpine as a full-service supplier of film recycling lines.


Competencies in film recycling:

  • The material of construction (VA, Kanigen® coating, mild steel) is chosen to match the type of film
  • Machine configuration tailored to suit the type of film.
  • Patented cross-scissor-cut rotor brings optimal cutting power due to the uniform material distribution in the mill
  • One-stop provider for film recycling systems – from the intake unit and mill to silos and collection devices
With around 700 systems installed all over the world, Hosokawa Alpine is rightfully known as "BO film producers' most preferred mill and silo supplier".
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