Locking valves for bulk solids

Securely lock conveying lines and containers, even with overpressure and vacuum applications.

Product flows have to be interrupted on a regular basis in everyday life. Be it for maintenance work, at the end of a batch or in the event of a malfunction. In order to securely lock pipes and containers despite the variety of materials and operating conditions, Hosokawa Solids Solutions offers different locking valves in a variety of designs. These can be operated manually or automatically. Variants for pressureless downpipes/containers, vacuum applications or overpressure are also available.

The task could be, for example: Pressure-resistant, dustproof and reliable shut-off of

  • abrasive or poorly flowing bulk solids
  • at temperatures up to 250°C
  • with high availability due to long seal service life and low-maintenance operation
  • space saving design
  • preventing any escape of product or gases to the outside


Shut-off valves for bulk solids with operating pressures above 0.5 bar comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

Typical examples of bulk material shut-off devices:

  • Slide gate valve
  • Rotary gate valve
  • Butterfly valve
  • Chambered airlocks
  • Segmented shut-off devices

Hosokawa Solids Product Range

Locking valves

  • Slide gate valve, FSH-FSP-FSE type: Dustproof shut-off of powdery to granular and lumpy bulk materials, with different flange dimensions, as an emergency valve, e.g. for maintenance and as a process valve, made to measure.
  • Dust Tight Slide GatesDustproof and pressure-resistant shut-off of bulk materials, with pneumatic hollow sectioning sealing, made to measure.
  • Pivoting shutter, SSP type: Pressure-resistant locking valves for pressure/vacuum containers, pipes or reactors, free passage when slide valve is open, slide valve plate does not pass through the housing for opening/closing.
  • Chamber valve, DSP type: Discharge and dosing from a pressure/vacuum system or injection e.g. into a reactor, filling and emptying discontinuously, barrier for gases or vapours.
  • Butterfly valves, DKA-DKH type: Dustproof, pressure-resistant and vacuum-tight locking valve for silos, containers and pipelines, special design for bulk materials, simple, cost-effective construction, low overall height, easy to dismantle, easy to maintain.
  • Solids Disc valve, DKA-hygienic type: Dustproof, pressure-resistant and vacuum-tight locking valve for silos, containers and pipelines, special design for bulk materials, 
    Hygienic design according to EHEDG guidelines
  • Segment locking valves, BPP type: Locking valve under silos and containers, for coarse products, robust construction, large cross sections.

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