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Hosokawa Alpine AG is the parent company of the Hosokawa Alpine Group, which in turn is part of the Hosokawa Micron Group. Together with our partner companies in Germany and abroad, we develop, manufacture and install machines for customers from all over the world. In this way, you benefit from an international network of experts for your individual requirements.

The core competence of the Hosokawa Alpine Group is the manufacture of machines and systems for processing and handling of powders, granulates and bulk materials, as well as systems for the extrusion of blown films. Decades of experience in a wide range of fields ensure that our customers receive the optimum solution for every product.

In 2020, Hosokawa Solids with its components and systems for pneumatic conveying, dosing and weighing and storage (silo systems) became part of the Hosokawa Alpine Group.

By the way: many of our machines can also be rented or bought second-hand. In addition, we offer toll grinding. Short delivery times at attractive prices in the usual Alpine quality. Please contact us for an individual offer.


  • Innovative global leader in machine and system engineering
  • Headquarters in Augsburg, Germany, founded in 1898
  • Part of the Hosokawa Micron Group
  • Including the portfolio of Hosokawa Solids since 2020

We shape the future today by developing the cutting-edge solutions of tomorrow

The core competence of Hosokawa Alpine is the manufacture of machines and systems for processing powders, granules and bulk materials as well as systems for producing and processing blown film. As a technology leader, the company maintains application test centres for both business segments in which trials are carried out for customers.

With the ExVis operating system, Hosokawa Alpine focuses on the potential of digitalisation in blown film extrusion. With this tool, the current process parameters can be monitored and controlled constantly, thus increasing the availability of the systems. With its remote customer service, the process technology business segment also offers a solution which ensures optimal usage of the digital process data. Hosokawa Alpine relies increasingly on the possibilities of virtual reality for system design and engineering. The technology increases the efficiency of the design phase and delivers an early and tangible plan of the projected system.

Our quality commitment

Hosokawa Alpine AG:

Executive Board

  • Dr. Antonio Fernández (President)
  • Dr. Holger Niemeier
  • Jürgen Wilde

Subsidiaries of Hosokawa Alpine AG:

Hosokawa Micron St. Petersburg OOO

  • Vasiliy Novoselov

Hosokawa Micron India Pvt. Ltd.

  • Vedachalam Manjula

Hosokawa Micron Powders GmbH

  • Jörg Krahnen


Hosokawa Kolb GmbH

  • Michael Buchauer

Hosokawa Alpine American Inc.

  • Dave Nunes

Hosokawa Alpine Poland Sp.z.o.o

  • Krzysztof Salamon

Hosokawa Alpine Switzerland GmbH

  • Martin Huthöfer

Hosokawa solids solutions GmbH

  • Otto Kilg

Hosokawa Solids sl

  • Josu Bordagaray
  • Mikel Eizaguirre

  • 2022: Hosokawa Alpine Switzerland is founded in the canton of St. Gallen. The subsidiary offers customers sales in the area of mechanical processsing technology.
  • 2021: Opening of the Application Center Food in Augsburg, a test center designed specifically for applications in the food industry
  • 2020: Acquisition of the Solids Solutions Group with locations in Landsberg (Germany), Zarautz (Spain) and Aizarnazabal (Spain). The company focuses on the development and manufacture of equipment and components for bulk materials handling, with core strengths in storage, conveying, metering and weighing technology.
  • 2020: Hosokawa Alpine Poland is founded in Warsaw. The subsidiary offers Polish customers sales and service in the areas of mechanical processing technology and film extrusion.
  • 2020: Opening of the new logistics centre (storage capacity: 8,000 m2) for Hosokawa Alpine AG at the Augsburg freight centre
  • 2019: Launch of SAPS Ltda. in São Paulo (Brazil): a joint venture of Hosokawa Alpine AG with Dynamic Air Ltda. in the contract processing business segment
  • 2015: Acquisition of ANKO (Anton Kolb) Maschinenbau GmbH in Niederkassel. As a wholly owned subsidiary, the manufacturer of film winders and oscillating take-off systems now trades under the name Hosokawa Kolb.
  • 2013: Acquisition of the compacting business unit of Hosokawa Bepex GmbH in Leingarten and integration into the mechanical process engineering business unit. The new branch operates as Hosokawa Alpine Compaction.
  • 2012: Hosokawa Micron Saint-Petersburg is founded in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The subsidiary of Hosokawa Alpine specialises in the sale and service of machines in Russia and the CIS countries in the powder processing and blown film lines segment.
  • 2008: Construction of a new assembly hall in Augsburg
  • 2007: Hosokawa Micron India PVT LTD is founded in Chennai, India. The wholly owned subsidiary of Hosokawa Alpine AG is dedicated to technical sales and service for mechanical processing technology and film extrusion. It also manufactures and supplies machine parts and keeps spare parts in stock.
  • 1997: New, customer division-based structure in the Mechanical Process Engineering business unit. Each division focuses on the specific requirements and needs of individual industries.
  • 1995: Certification of Hosokawa Alpine AG according to ISO 9001
  • 1987: 100% takeover of Alpine AG by Hosokawa Micron Corporation, Osaka, Japan. The company name was subsequently changed to Hosokawa Alpine Aktiengesellschaft. Opening of the application centres for mechanical process engineering and plastics process engineering.
  • 1960: Foundation of a new business unit for production of film blowing systems.
  • 1950: Start of focused research and development work in plastics processing. The KSE 45 screw extruder for processing thermoplastics was the first product.
  • 1945: Engineers and technicians hired from Messerschmitt AG in Augsburg, which had been wound up. This brought expertise on aerodynamics and the development of jet engines to the process engineering sector, which was used specifically in the design of new air classifiers.
  • 1944: Alpine's share of armaments production rose to 25 percent for the first time since the beginning of the war; 75 percent of production remained in mill manufacturing.
  • 1939: Takeover of the mill construction department of MAG Maschinenfabrik Geislingen and integration of the products into the company's own manufacturing program.
  • 1938: As part of the Aryanization process, the company changed hands to Mathias Fränkl. The purchase was made at a price of 137.5% of the share package.  
  • 1921: Conversion into a public limited company
  • 1909: Company renamed ‘Alpine Maschinenfabrik-Gesellschaft m.b.H.’. Alpine is a fanciful name derived from the Alps, echoing the company’s aspirations for excellence and peak performance.
  • 1903: First patent for the universal shredder with the brand name ‘Triumph’. Expansion of the product range to include further mills and crushing machines, for which the company also received several patents
  • 1902: Conversion of the workshop into a limited liability company named ‘O. Holzhäuer’sche Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Augsburg-Göggingen’; relocation of the company from Augsburg’s old town to its current headquarters in the district of Göggingen
  • 1900: Sale of products to customers throughout Europe begins
  • 1898: Mr Otto Holzhäuer’s mechanical workshop founded in Augsburg’s old town

KONA Powder and Particle Journal

by Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation

An international journal dedicated exclusively to powder and particle science and technology? That's the KONA Powder and Particle Journal, published annually since 1983 and distributed free of charge to scientists, universities and research libraries worldwide. KONA - which, by the way, means "powder" in Japanese - contains peer-reviewed scientific articles. Topics include technological experiences and critical reviews of existing knowledge in the broad field of powder science.

The publisher is the Hosokawa Powder Technology Foundation, a public service corporation founded by Masuo Hosokawa. Its aim is to contribute to the advancement of powder technology. In addition to the KONA Powder and Particle Journal, this also includes the organisation of symposiums on powder technology.

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