Compacting into a dust-free product with a high bulk density

Separate process steps are necessary to produce granular bulk solids from powders during product processing. The challenges? This process generates high levels of dust. In addition, low bulk densities or poor binding and flow properties are encountered.

That is the challenge we face: with customised systems for crushing, mixing, briquetting, compacting, breaking, sieving and drying. We get your powder into top shape In doing so, we draw on our decades of experience and expertise in process engineering.

Compacting technology in top shape

From metallurgy to high-end pharmaceutical applications

No matter what the industry: With our broad portfolio of machines, we have the solution to meet the needs of your customers. When it comes to the production of briquettes or granules, we can manufacture our machines in a gas-tight design and/or ATEX-compliant. We can also design and implement efficient dry granulation systems inside an isolator for the production of free-flowing, dust-free active ingredient granules. We will develop the right system  for you – come and have a chat with us! 

Compacting – dry granulation & briquetting

We meet every standard

With compacting, granular bulk solids are produced from a powder using a roller press (compactor). The powder is pressed into a solid shape using two synchronised, counter rotating rollers under medium- high pressure. If this compacting process is followed by comminution, it is referred to as dry granulation. If downstream comminution is not carried out, the process is called briquetting. For example, briquettes can be shaped out of charcoal powder or active ingredient compounds can be processed into granules in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry. The range extends from pilot and laboratory-scale systems to throughputs of 120 t/h.


Test first, decide later

Take advantage of this unique service and have your special system configuration tested at the Hosokawa Alpine Technical Centre during its planning phase. You will receive a system concept developed specifically for you. Interested? 

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Pelletising, extrusion & spheronisation

Your requirements, our solution

Depending on the dispersion requirements, we can supply you with systems for low-pressure extrusion or complete pelleting machines.

  •  Pelleting machines (AGF gear pelletiser) are used for cylindrical pellets.
    Granules with a diameter of 1 to 10 mm are typically produced here. In gear pelletisers, extrusion is achieved using a pair of counter rotating hollow toothed rollers.
  • For shingle, highly porous granules with good dispersion properties, extrusion systems (Bextruder series) are used. The material is pressed through a perforated die using an extrusion rotor.
  • The rounding off of pellets is known as spheronisation (Bexroller series) . This process is often used after an extrusion process to produce  soft granules.

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Planning the entire process

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