AS 200 II Baseline

The spiral jet mill AS 200 II Baseline is designed to combine a well-known and proven technology with high economic efficiency. The design focuses on basic GMP requirements and standardised modules, realised with high usability and clever design solutions.

  • State-of-the-art design results in superior usability
  • cGMP design allows good cleanability with all relevant parts in AISI 316 L and FDA approval
  • Plug-and-play design for immediate use after delivery
  • Simple retrofitting of various dosing elements: lance, screw (optional), dosing channel (optional) or manual feed
  • Pneumatically controllable vibratory plate to react flexibly to product characteristics and reduce operating noise
  • Innovative filter concept with several optional filter types
  • Compact control system with expansion options
  • Universal voltage connection of 3x230 V or 3 x 400 V (heavy current), 50 and 60 Hz
  • Compact design, favourable costs

  • European safety standards
  • 100% made in Germany
  • International pharmaceutical standards

Spiral jet mill AS 200 II Baseline for ultrafine micronisation

High-end powder production. Made in Germany!

1  Material dosing: Fluidising injector lance and other options

  • perfect for easy-to-handle products
  • the dosing lance sucks material into the mill
  • accurate and reliable mass flow rates of 5 – 40 kg/h
  • easy to operate and to clean
  • lower dust and noise emissions
  • optional: dosing screw for accurate feeding of difficult products. Upon request with aspirations filter for contained product feed.
  • optional: dosing channel

2  Control panel with illuminated keys

  • easy to operate
  • visual feedback on system availability

3  Micronisation: Alpine spiral jet mill

  • proven Alpine design reduces the number of parts and allows quick assembly and perfect cleaning results
  • ergonmic design
  • modern, upright mill design enables easy opening of the mill for inspection and cleaning.
  • all parameters at a glance with the clear working panel, easily and precisely adjustable
  • exchangeable inserts reduce maintenance costs and allow the processing of difficult materials

4  Cyclone: Particle separation

  • product separation by a proven Alpine high-performance cyclonenNo textile filters in contact with the product
  • product collection in a stainless-steel drum
  • product changeover in shortest time and high product recovery

5  Product filter: innovative filter concept with demand-oriented filter types

  • standard version with aspirator without filter
  • automatically cleaned filter for continuous production
  • semi-batch filter: for higher product yields with small to medium batch sizes
  • small-batch filter for production of small batches
  • high flexibility: Depending on the individual requirements, filters can be purchased as an option. In this way, the system can be optimally equipped for all batch sizes.

6 Aspirator

  • filter bag manually cleanable
  • simple and dust-tight attachment of product collecting bin
  • process gas is filtered in an aspirator with integrated dust collection, HEPA filter and exhaust fan
Product End fineness Throughput
Progesterone 90 % < 9 µm 20 kg/h
Diosmin 90 % < 4 µm 8 kg/h
Omeprazole 90 % < 5 µm 3 kg/h
Cosmetic powder 90 % < 10 µm 15 kg/h
Chamber diameter 200 mm
Gas pressure range 2 – 8 bar (g)
Fineness range d50 1 – 40 µm
Nominal gas flow 150 – 200 µm
Dimenions (l/w/h) (without aspirator) 1.2x0.8x1.3 m
Power supply Three-phase current, 230–400 V; 2,2 kW

For your perfect system

All configuration options at a glance

The Alpine Baseline concept includes many options for a complete and compact milling unit. Several dosing and producht recovery alternatives can be individually combined to create your custom-fit system.

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