Multiprocessing systems: Flexibility and efficiency available quickly!

- The modern production environment requires flexibility, efficiency and speed!

When manufacturing products with variable grinding properties, multiprocessing systems are crucial. This is because they offer a time-saving solution for complex production requirements. Thanks to the new Speedline series with a shortened delivery time of just 4 months, it is possible to react quickly to customer requirements and expand production capacities.

How does a multiprocessing system work?

The functionality of the MPA is based on a modular concept. A basic module contains all the necessary components of a grinding and classifying system, while additional modules can be added as required. This enables time-efficient conversion between different processes. The special design also reduces cleaning and maintenance times.

Where are multi-processing systems used?

The multi-process systems are versatile and are used in a wide rangeof applications. Particularly, they are used for the flexible production of smaller product quantities, especially in product development. MPAs are used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral and metal industries. Both small research facilities and large production companies can benefit from their versatility and efficiency.

A scalable all-rounder – what are the advantages?

By using a single systemfor different processes, investment costs and the cost of additional work steps can be reduced. This leads to improved efficiency and profitability of production processes.

Speedline multiprocessing system!

Do you have an innovative product idea and want to test it on small product quantities? The new Speedline multiprocessing system is the ideal solution. With a delivery time of just 4 months, you can expand your production capacities at an early stage and turn your idea into reality.