Pouch Full PE

Full PE solutions based on tried and trusted MDO technology

- Sustainable solutions for closed loop material management.

Recycling of films made of separate materials is considerably easier and more efficient than plastic packaging in which different material classes are combined with each other, e.g. PE with PET, PP, PA or EVOH. Hosokawa Alpine, a leading manufacturer in the blown film extrusion sector, works together with partners from the entire value-added chain on mono-material solutions that are both efficient and recyclable. Full PE packaging solutions, i.e. films made of polyethylene compounds, can be recycled after their original use and in the circular economy reused for end products. This results in applications in which the recycling material can be used again on a similar level.

More than 20 years’ experience in monoaxial orientation

The tried and trusted MDO (Machine Direction Orientation) technology from Hosokawa Alpine is a crucial component in manufacturing high-performance single-material compounds made of polyethylenes. By using monoaxial orientation, film characteristics such as stiffness, oxygen permeability or appearance can be specifically adapted and the film thickness reduced. Hosokawa Alpine has been dealing with monoaxial stretching for more than 20 years and has continuously optimised the flatness of the films in recent years. The unique TRIO “Trim Reduction for Inline Orientation” technology also ensures definite savings in materials when trimming the boundary strips.

The new MDO 04 orientation line in combination with TRIO technology therefore fulfils the highest demands in terms of quality in film production and allows lamination and printing of full PE material composites.