Expert knowledge for the spice industry

- Immerse yourself in the world of spice processing at our Alpine Process Technology Summit | Spices on 16 and 17 April 2024!

Processing spices and herbs is one of the most difficult tasks in size reduction technology: the starting products are very different and vary in quality due to their natural origin. In addition, flavour and aroma must be preserved as well as possible - processing must therefore be very gentle.

This is what you can look forward to

At our Alpine Process Technology Summit | Spices, you will receive comprehensive expertise on spice processing, from cleaning the raw material to packaging the end product. In addition to numerous expert presentations, the programme also includes a guided tour of the Hosokawa Alpine factory premises. During a practical session in our technical centre, you will be able to deepen your theoretical knowledge from the presentations.

Complete programme

Information and registration

What? Alpine Process Technology Summit | Spices

When? 16 and 17 April 2024

Where? Hosokawa Alpine AG, Peter-Doerfler-Strasse 15–23, 86199 Augsburg, Germany

Language: English

Registration fee: 295 € plus VAT (accomodation not included)

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