Hosokawa Alpine Miet- und Gebrauchtmaschinen

Rental and used machine sector is expanding its portfolio

- The offer ranges from multi-process systems for the production of smaller quantities to production systems with a throughput of several tons per hour.

Hosokawa Alpine presents its new and comprehensive portfolio of rental and used machines. The extensive portfolio ranges from multi-processing systems for the production of small batches to production-scale systems with a throughput rate of several tonnes per hour. "With our product range, we can offer companies attractive solutions which allow maximum flexibility in economically strained situations", says Marco Hauk, Manager of the Rental & Used Machines Division at Hosokawa Alpine.

Rent instead of purchase – a flexible solution

With Hosokawa Alpine's constantly growing stock of machines and systems, our customers profit from being able to rent out machines and systems as and when required. "Short tests or a leasing contract for several years: everything is possible", says Hauk. Renting directly from the manufacturer means that customers also remain up to date with state-of-the-art machines and systems. The customary Alpine service is naturally also included in the rental fee, which in addition includes the transport, assembly and commissioning.


Inexpensive entry into production

Used machines from Hosokawa Alpine permit an affordable start in production and are especially attractive for smaller companies. "Short delivery times and attractive conditions in proven Alpine quality. These are the characteristics of our Hosokawa Alpine Originals", says Hauk. All systems have been given a general overhaul and are equipped exclusively with original parts, and have to go through exactly the same test procedures as our new machines. In order to optimise production sequences, customer-specific adjustments to the systems are also possible. A warranty and the guaranteed spare parts supply offer additional security when purchasing a used machine direct from the manufacturer.