Special solutions for recycling

Special solutions

Cryogenic grinding, process granulators

Size reduction jobs that are not commonplace place special requirements on machines, systems and engineering, for example:

  • Cryogenic grinding (tyre granules to rubber powder)
  • Wet comminution of cuttable materials
  • Cutting-comminution of chemical products (superabsorbers)
  • Exceptional solutions (graphite rods)
Special solutions for recycling

Superabsorbers, process granulators

Special requirements call for special solutions. In close cooperation with the customer, Hosokawa Alpine develops diverse solutions tailored to the individual requirements. The processes can be tested and optimised in our perfectly equipped application testing centre on our own premises.

Solutions for problem specifications that place special requirements on the machines and systems are among others:

  • Wear protection
  • Cryogenic grinding
  • Dynamic air classification for the manufacture of ultrafine powders
  • Water- and gas-tight machines
  • Use of special construction materials or coatings for the machine housings and the grinding and cutting elements
  • Command of ATEX topics
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