Car park construction

Construction of a new car park

- Construction of a new split-level car park at the head office in Augsburg. Extension necessary due to increasing staff figures.

Hosokawa Alpine is constructing a split-level car park with a total of 15 levels for its staff on its own premises in Peter-Doerfler-Strasse in Göggingen, a district of Augsburg. The earthworks already started in March. Completion is scheduled for the end of 2019. "The number of staff at our headquarters in Augsburg has increased dramatically over the last years. And because many of our staff members use their cars to commute to work, the available parking spaces are simply no longer sufficient. This is the reason behind our decision to build a split-level car park on our premises for our staff", explains Dr Antonio Fernández, chairman of the executive board at Hosokawa Alpine.

The local residents also benefit

The split-level car park will have around 500 parking spaces upon completion. And in order to ease the situation during construction, we have rented additional parking spaces in the immediate vicinity. In the first construction phase, the old asphalt surface of the former parking lot in the south-east corner of the company premises will be removed. Construction of the actual split-level car park will commence in April 2019. With the split-level construction method, the individual levels are arranged offset to one another, which means that the available floor space is made optimal use of. The split-level car park will also be equipped with 10 charging stations for e-autos. The number of charging stations can be increased at any time. Because the construction over several levels ultimately results in more parking space, we will not need the entire area of the former parking lot. Part of the area which becomes available can in the long term be used for the construction of additional office buildings. With this concept, Hosokawa Alpine sets a signal against the increasing land consumption.

Clear commitment to the Augsburg location

"With the new split-level garage, we create the possibility for all our employees of finding a convenient parking space on our company premises. At the same time, we succeed in easing the parking situation in the immediate vicinity", says Dr Fernández.

The capacity of the new building is calculated such that if the number of staff increases yet again, there will still be sufficient parking spaces available. Access to the car park remains the same, i.e. in the Depotstrasse.