• Progressive grinding as a result of the grinding gap tapering towards the periphery
  • The tooth geometry of the one-part grinding disc is dictated by the problem specification to permit reaching optimum results and simultaneously to minimise maintenance and wear
  • End-product fineness ranges from several hundred µm to 2 mm
  • High throughput at low specific energy consumption
  • Temperature and filling level measurement in grinding chamber ensures a constantly high product quality

Principle of operation

The feed material, usually between 4 and 8 mm in size, is fed into the grinding zone via the intake chute on the mill door. Size reduction takes place between the axially adjustable stator disc and the rotating grinding disc, which rotates at a high peripheral speed in accordance with the shearing and cutting principle. The actual grinding is effected in stages through a grinding gap which tapers from the inside to the outside. The finely ground product exits the grinding zone through an exactly defined gap.

Wherever an exact top-size limitation is required, the mill can be operated in circuit with a suitably designed screening machine. The oversize particles are routed back into the grinding zone. Most types of plastic can be finely ground at ambient temperature using this technology. If, on the other hand, the feed material is heat-sensitive, cryogenic mode is also possible. Contact our application engineers for advice and assistance. Our wide range of application know-how ensures optimum advice and the execution of sophisticated individual machines and complete systems.


  • One-piece grinding discs with a variety of toothing geometries optimised with regard to wear and maintenance
  • High throughput capacity at low specific energy consumption
  • The grinding elements can be exchanged within a few minutes
  • Quick and easy access to the grinding chamber to permit cleaning and maintenance procedures
  • Reliable high-speed precision bearings
  • Compact and stable design, either of spheroidal graphite cast iron or in welded design
  • Largely automated mode of operation using controlled feed metering
  • Temperature and mill load measurement to maintain a constant level of high product quality


Alpine fine cutting mills AFS are employed for the fine grinding of soft to medium-hard plastics in the fineness range of several hundred µm to 2 mm. It is irrelevant whether the feed material is virgin material or product from a granulator. The end product achieved with the AFS mill is characterised by a smooth, cubic shape with extremely good flow properties and is thus optimum for further processing.

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