New: Maximum Performance

in three variants

High-performance extruder HX

This modular principle allows individual system configurations for demand-oriented film production.

  • Extruders are available in sizes with diameters of between 50 and 135 mm
  • Extruders can be combined for 1- to 11-layer lines depending on requirements
  • High-performance barrier screws with low-shear mixers achieve optimum homogeneity of the melt at low temperatures

Consequently, only relatively low cooling capacities are required in production for extremely high output rates


Up to 20% energy savings combined with significantly reduced melt 


The perfect extruder for every application: Our extruder technology is available in three series:

  • HX Flex - the all-rounder for the perfect balance between performance and melt quality
  • HX Select - the specialist for applications with low shear and cooler melt
  • HX Tech - the smooth bore extruder for applications such as hot melt or TPU


  • Direct drive with multi-stage gears
  • Constant torque over a wide speed range
  • Low-wear and therefore low-maintenance
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • Compact construction in U-shaped design (standard)
  • Or Z-type (special design)
  • Easily accessible and easy to install
  • Optional: Motors also water-cooled

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