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09. May 2013

HOSOKAWA ALPINE grinding pins for a longer service life and improved grinding results

Hosokawa Alpine in Augsburg has been developing and building pin mills for the manufacturers of ultrafine powders in the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, minerals, metals and recycling industries since the beginning of the last century.

Thanks to our in-house application testing centre with approx. 60 machines and systems, we can draw on experience gathered from more than 500,000 trials with a multitude of customer products. This fund of know-how is unique in the world and makes us your competent partner in all issues of grinding and classifying technology.

Over the decades, we have also built up a wealth of invaluable knowledge on the comminution of different products with Alpine pin mills. The processes and machines have been constantly refined and perfected to match the knowledge gained and to meet the requirements set by our customers. Regardless of whether the issue is energy efficiency, end fineness values, throughput rates, mass fraction within a defined particle size range or the flowability of the powder being produced, we know exactly what is necessary to permit optimal fulfilment of every problem specification.

When grinding with an Alpine Ultraplex UPZ or Contraplex C or CW with pin discs, the design of the grinding pins is also an important parameter. For example, we often use fluted pins when grinding plastics or spices in a cryogenic process because dependent on the product, we can achieve higher powder fineness values with these grinding pins in a cryogenic system. The use of boronised grinding pins has proved itself for hard products with a Mohs' hardness up to 3 and for abrasive products, because we can reduce wear to a minimum with this protective coating.

Continuous further development is also the result of many small steps. To this end, we took a long look at the grinding pins to find out where there was room for improvement. And what we came up with was a novel manufacturing process with which the fluted pin geometry can be produced quickly and cost-effectively at minimum tolerances. Another process provides our grinding pins with a maximum coating of boron and thus prolongs their service life.

The new grinding pins are available with immediate effect for trials and for new Alpine pin mill orders.

If you need spare pins or if you want to replace the pins on your existing pin mills, simply contact Alpine's service division.

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