Solids process automation

Automation in plant engineering for bulk solids handling

Bulk solids are stored in silos, big bags or containers equipped with automatic discharge systems to ensure reliable extraction of the required product amount from the container. In case of higher outputs, the bag emptying is performed automatically. With smaller outputs, the manual emptying process is usually supported by mechanical devices (e.g. hoists).

Automation and conveying:

In the field of conveying bulk solids, which includes both mechanical systems (e.g. screw conveyors, bucket elevators, trough chain conveyors) and pneumatic systems (e.g. pressure conveyors, vacuum conveyors, air slide conveyors), the use of automation technology has the greatest influence on production and productivity. Here, even large quantities of bulk solids can be transported reliably and safely over long distances without human intervention.

Automation and dosing, automation and weighing:

In the field of dosing and weighing, automation positively influences the quality of products through higher levels of dosing accuracy as well as increasing productivity. Of particular importance here are the production logs and batch records that the recipe control system saves for archiving.


  • Installation on site, including cabling, electrical commissioning (loop check, rotation check), process commissioning
  • Training for operating and maintenance staff

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