Plant control by PLC

We prefer to use the latest generation of PLC systems from Siemens for automating our bulk solids systems. These control systems monitor the sensors connected to the inputs of the switchgear and, depending on their value, control the actuators connected to their outputs according to the programme. Pressure sensors, temperature detectors, limit switches, rotational speed detectors, etc. can be used for inputs. The outputs control motors and actuators. The control has AND/OR functions, counters, markers and timers. This means that it can also act in a time-dependent manner. The use of a programmable logic controller allows control and regulating functions to be performed. We prefer to solve complex weighing processes using the Siwarex series from Siemens. Integration into customer-specific process control systems or communication with systems from other manufacturers is solved via standardised bus systems such as Profinet.


  • Efficient programming
  • Widely used technology and therefore minimal training requirements
  • Easily adaptable to individual customer requirements
  • Fast and cost-effective plant service through remote maintenance via VPN.

Design of an electrical plant control

  • PLC S7-1200 - S7-1500 (programmed with TIA V16 or higher) or made according to customer requirements
  • incl. visualisation
  • Signal exchange to process control systems as required: Potential-free contact exchange or bus systems such as Profinet
  • Standard software that can be configured/parameters adapted
  • Integration of weighing/dosing processors (e.g. Siwarex series)
  • Open access to program with comments, therefore available for customer changes/modifications

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