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Hosokawa Solids belongs to the Hosokawa Alpine Group and is therefore a part of the Hosokawa Micron Group. The company was founded in 1969 and brings with it more than 50 years of experience in bulk solids handling technology. Hosokawa Solids provides its own developed process solutions and systems in the core competences of storage, conveying, dosing and weighing technology. We set the standards when it comes to bulk solids handling as well as global and integrated automation. With facilities for development, manufacturing and testing in Germany and Spain, the three business units of Components, Equipment and Service as well as special design lines, Hosokawa Solids supplies complete solutions to the food, cosmetics, chemical, mineral, environmental, rubber and plastics industries. More information about the Solids Solutions Group

Hosokawa Solids belongs to the Hosokawa Alpine Group

Since January 2020, the former solids solutions Group has been part of the Hosokawa Alpine Group. This means that customers now receive complete solutions from a single source in the areas of mechanical process engineering and bulk solids handling.

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Hosokawa Solids Design Lines

Product characteristics and operating conditions require different equipment designs. The following design lines are available for this purpose.

  • Solids Basic Design for dry processes with non-corrosive bulk solids of low to medium hardness
  • Solids Clean Design for processes with aggressive media and those that must be free of iron oxide or ferritic particles
  • Solids Hygienic Design Dry is used for dry processes with dry cleaning. It is designed for food & cosmetic products
  • Solids Hygienic Design Wet is used for wet processes and dry processes with wet cleaning. It is designed for food & cosmetic products
  • Solids Heavy Design for abrasive bulk solids as well as corrosive bulk solids and/or higher temperature processes


Integrated solutions for bulk solid handling processes

Hosokawa Solids provides systems in the core competences of storage, conveying, dosing and weighing technology. These are integrated into an optimised overall solution for the customer and continuously adapted to the product characteristics and operating conditions of various industries.

For your individual requirements and needs:

  • Identifying the task and objective
  • Examining raw materials and intermediate products for material properties and flow behaviour
  • Developing a concept for complete process solutions
  • Engineering entirely with process engineering, apparatus technology and automation
  • Manufacturing and delivering all equipment
  • mechanical and electrical assembly, commissioning, training and supervising operating personnel
  • Full service around the clock


Innovative, specialised and customised

From discharging devices to dosing equipment: The components from Hosokawa Solids are manufactured by a highly qualified and experienced team. In addition, Hosokawa Solids offers adapted processes and homologations for your specific industry and design line.

  • Hygienic designs according to EHEDG guidelines
  • Manufacture of pressure vessels according to AD 2000-Merkblatt HP 0 Filling equipment: Trucks, wagons
  • Certified according to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU


Comprehensive, modular, efficient

With the system-specific service from Hosokawa Solids, you can always feel rest assured. You decide for yourself to what extent and how often you want to use our service package for hardware modernisation and maintenance.

Solids after-sales service:

  • Spare parts and repairs: high availability of original parts, minimum downtime for maximum productivity
  • Process control: Consulting and optimisation services, especially for older machines
  • Remote services: fast assistance in the case of system defects and reduction of service costs

Due to the large number of industrially produced bulk solids and their diverse properties, further investigations or bulk solids tests are often necessary to ensure the reliable design of plants, building upon the extensive experience gained from previously built plants. For this purpose, Hosokawa Solids has two testing facilities in Landsberg am Lech (Germany) and Zarautz (Spain).

Industrial-scale tests can also be carried out in these facilities for complex tasks. The tests required for the further development of processes, devices and components also take place at these locations. A wide range of testing facilities are available for our core competencies.

Storage and discharge

  • Investigation of time consolidation during storage in silos and containers
  • Extra-VIB discharge system

Pneumatic conveying

  • Feeding via transport containers in different sizes
  • Feed via rotary valves
  • Conveying distances of up to 180 m
  • Plug flow conveying with bypass in pressure or suction mode
  • Dense phase pressure conveying or vacuum operation
  • Dilute phase conveying

Weighing and dosing

  • Dosing and transfer system VACU FILL
  • weighed sending and receiving containers
  • Dosing screws
  • Dosing rotary valves

Our extensive testing facilities not only allow us to lay the foundations for the safe design of your system, but we can also support you with investigations into the feasibility of new production methods or in the optimisation of your production processes. Get in touch with us!

The engineering service is a part of the service package from Hosokawa Solids that offers you the following options:

  • Basic engineering and detail engineering
  • Commissioning and measurements
  • Problem analysis on site
  • Measurement on site
  • Security analysis
  • Explosion protection document (cooperation with TÜV)
  • Process engineering and static calculations
  • Process engineering design
  • Apparatus engineering design
  • Electrical planning and programming
  • Three-dimensional layout planning
  • Economic review
  • Atex consulting

Hosokawa Solids provides you with extensive know-how regarding storing, discharging, conveying, dosing and weighing bulk solids and in the automation of these processes. Based on our own technologies, equipment and components, we plan, supply and build complete bulk solid installations in a number of application areas according to your requirements to solve your specific task. More than 45 engineers and technicians guarantee the competent, precise and timely realisation of your project:

Project definition and basic engineering


  • Taking over the task
  • Investigations in laboratory and testing facilities
  • Elaboration of the process diagram
  • Selection and sizing of components
  • Preliminary arrangement planning

Detail engineering and execution of the order

  • Elaboration of the P+I diagram
  • Engineering the control and instrumentation
  • Planning the arrangement and piping
  • Procurement and production
  • Quality assurance and documentation

Installation and commissioning

  • Shipping
  • Installation on site
  • Cold test of the system
  • Commissioning with the product
  • Proof of performance and trial operation

Since 1969, we have built well over 1,000 systems for a wide variety of bulk solids to the full satisfaction of our customers. You can find plenty of examples under Applications and Sector Solutions. We’ll take on your challenge!

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