Process control system

The control room is the heart of every installation – where all the signals from the production and ancillary processes converge and where the plants are automated and the processes synchronised.

The process control system is used to control a process plant using:

  • process-related components,
  • the operating and monitoring stations and
  • the actual freely programmable control system with batch programme

The process-related components (sensors such as pressure transmitters, and actuators such as control valves) perform the control and regulation tasks.
The operating and monitoring stations serve to visualise the process plant and are connected to the process-related components via a bus system.

The process control system is used for production planning, production data acquisition, master data management and much more.

Automated process sequences are displayed graphically and executed on a programmable logic controller (preferably Siemens).
The system takes into account the special requirements of the industry in terms of variable recipe control, i.e. a free combination of material components and control parameters (control recipe and material recipe) is possible.

Additional modules also allow for the calculation of process costs, which result from the individual actual run times of the control steps and the known fixed and variable costs. Forecast calculations on run times and costs are also possible here.

Required control steps are defined by configuration and definition of the necessary parameters, connected to the PLC via a standardised interface.

Master data such as articles, recipes, control recipes, material flow paths, cells/tanks/silos and scales are managed. It is possible to create production orders, define production batches as well as assign and then start required resources. After production, the process data is logged.

Support for the operating staff can be provided quickly and easily via remote maintenance. In the event of a malfunction, the cause of the malfunction can be located at any time and at short notice via remote maintenance, allowing production to be resumed.

  • Management of a process plant
  • Fast and cost-effective plant service through remote maintenance

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