Process visualisation

The process visualisation is used to display the operating states and to operate the system. Using diagrams for overview and details, you always have an eye on the system, exactly as you need it. Operation is simple via touchscreen or optionally with a mouse and keyboard. This means that a detailed overview of the current system status is possible at any time.

In the detailed diagrams, the current unit operating states are marked in colour (unit not switched on, unit started, unit reported back, unit faulty). Several different parameters for the individual units can be displayed and modified if required. Analogue measured values as well as binary signals (process data) can be manually displayed as time diagrams or permanently integrated into the diagrams.

We prefer to use the visualisation systems from Siemens.

In a protected operating mode, the units can also be switched on and off without being locked. This is also possible in the manual functionFaults are indicated in an error list by a appearing and disappearing message (unit no., error text and date and time). Error messages are also archived in a log file programme and can be statistically evaluated there. 


  • Detailed overview of the operating statuses at all times
  • Easy access to recipes and parameters for adjusting the system to the product
  • Graphical overview of the conveying processes
  • Archiving and traceability of loading and system statuses
  • Fast fault localisation through descriptive fault texts and unit identifiers

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