Solids Clean Design

The solids Clean Design is used in compliance with the Machinery Directive for processes with aggressive media and those that must be free of iron oxide or ferritic particles. It is also used for food and cosmetic products if a risk analysis according to HACCP has shown that the product to be processed in the system is not microbiologically sensitive and a hygiene level according to EN ISO 14159 is not to be applied.

  • Parts in contact with product, stainless steel version in a suitable alloy, or equivalent casting materials. The requirements for corrosion resistance must be met when selecting the suitable alloy.
  • Dimensioning and design according to relevant standards and guidelines
  • Wall thicknesses and welds according to strength requirements
  • Interrupted weld seams are permissible
  • Pressure proof or pressure shock resistant components with the required verifications
  • Support constructions where necessary with static calculations
  • Sealing materials in a suitable design
  • Surfaces: Constructions up to wall thickness of 4 mm with a surface quality of 2D according to EN 10088, starting from 4 mm 1D, castings glass bead blasted Ra = approx. 12.5 µm, permissible casting defects according to quality class VC3 according to DIN EN 1370
  • Welds in principle according to EN ISO 5817 quality level C
  • Weld seams brushed or pickled and passivated without streaks
  • Optional electropolishing
  • Support constructions made of carbon steel, surfaces chemically descaled, primed and painted
  • Optional galvanised support constructions • Optional support constructions made of stainless steel

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